summer gardening tipsThis summer has been a combination of rain and sunshine which is exactly what a garden needs to survive. But as the summer months continue we might see less rain and more heat.

If you have a new garden that you are tending with excitement to eventually see the fruits of your labor, it’s important to use preventative measures to keep your garden healthy as life picks up with summer vacations, school and school activities.

Here are four surprising  summer gardening tips to keep your garden happy and healthy this summer.

1. Plants love diapers

Really. Want to help your planters retain water? Take apart the stuffing in the diapers, dump out the gel/fiber filling and mix equal parts of soil and diaper stuffing. Place the mixture in your planters, window boxes and pots. The same stuff that helps diapers be so absorbent will help your soil absorb and retain water for your plants and flowers.

2. Use your smartphone to help you garden

Set up timers on your phone to remind you when you need to water, weed and perhaps even talk to your plants and flowers.

3. Stay native

Grow plants and flowers that are native to your region. They are meant to survive Indiana’s climate and will be able to thrive much easier than plants that are not native to this region. If and when you get busy or are away for vacation, these plants will survive their time unattended better.

4. Have tea with your plants

Chamomile tea that is. Did you know that watering your plants with tea every once in a while will help to protect them from bacterial and fungal infections? Just remember to serve your garden cool tea!

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