Home, safe home. You can’t control the chaos outside your door, but when you enter your house, you should feel a sense of refuge – and relaxation. This is your space, your sanctuary. 

Technology Can Make Your Home Safer

Today, you can enjoy an oven that preheats itself if you’re running late, a thermostat that automatically adjusts itself so you’re warm and cozy when you get home on a cold night, a refrigerator that creates grocery lists and syncs them to your smartphone so you don’t forget the milk, lighting that automatically adjusts to the time of day and your individual zone preferences… the list goes on and on.

But all of these sophisticated – and fun – features mean little if our homes are not safe and secure.

Security cameras, advanced smart locks and sensors on your doors and windows, automatic lights or window treatments, these days technology for securing your home has come a long way. But beyond these typical security measures, what can you do to ensure the safety of your loved ones?

For Homes with Children

If you have children living in the home or regularly visiting, you can add a few effective kid-friendly smart features, including:

  • Door sensors. When you have kids, you suddenly see hazards everywhere! The medicine cabinet. Cleaning supplies. Basement stairs. The patio or front door. The pool. Your room full of antique china! Whatever it is, you can add sensors to high risk areas. If your child activates the sensor, you will receive an alert on your phone.
  • Security cameras. Cameras enhance the safety of your home in general. When you have children, you can check in remotely when they’re with the babysitter, for example.
  • Remote locks. You can assign personalized lock codes to older children/teens. For example, if they arrive home from school at 3:30, but you’re not home from work until 5:00, they can simply enter their code (remind them not to share this). You will be alerted via text when they do so. If your children are younger, you can assign a code to a trusted babysitter, caregiver, or family member.

Even better, the code can be programmed to work during specified hours only (e.g. when your babysitter leaves at 5:00 when you get home, they no longer have access to your home).

  • Video doorbell/phone. Your older children and/or caregivers can see who is at the door before they answer it. You can also take a photo or video of anyone at the door.
  • Built-in baby gates. These are customized to your home, ultra-secure, and can help you wrangle adventurous crawlers and toddlers and keep them from harm.
"Integrating effective safety features in your custom home allows you to breathe a sigh of relief and delivers peace of mind that you are taking proactive steps to protect not only your property, but everyone who lives and visits there."

For Homes with Aging Residents

According to the AARP, 90% of seniors would prefer to “age in place.” They want to stay at home. Whether you are preparing for this stage of life or you have older family members residing in your home, technology can help make life safer – and healthier:

  • Voice-activated personal assistants. These devices can help with tasks, such as checking the weather forecast, putting on music, movies, or shows, turning lights on or off, etc. But, according to many, they can also help alleviate loneliness, essentially giving older people “someone” to talk to while their family members are at work.
  • Smart sensors. Sensors can “learn” the routines of users and applications vary widely. For example, if you have an elderly parent, a bed sensor can send an alert when the bed is empty and your loved one is up and about. From turning on lights when they enter the room to alerting you when they enter a high-risk area, sensors can provide unobtrusive peace of mind.
  • Health Aids. From digital pill dispensers to smart EKG tech, you can ensure your elderly family is safe while you are away.

Even something as simple as a smart thermostat can be a great benefit for aging people. If mobility is a challenge, for example, they do not need to manually adjust the temperature. Much of the kid-friendly tech we mentioned above can also be useful.

For Homes with Pets

We can’t forget about our furry family members! If you have pets, consider these smart home additions (and don’t forget, you can keep an eye on them with your smartphone if you have security cameras):

  • Smart door. If your pet is ok’d to access the yard by himself, a smart door is a great idea. They often work with a special collar attachment and unlock as your pet approaches the door. It locks once they are away from the door, preventing other critters from entering your home. You can set the times at which your pet is allowed to go out and even use HD video to keep track of when they come and go.
  • Smart feeder. A smart feeder can calculate how many calories your pet needs daily (using age, weight, activity level, and food type). It dispenses the right amount of food on a schedule you set. You can even get an alert when you’re running low on kibble!
  • Really smart litter boxes! We love cats; we hate litter boxes. A smart litter box automatically sifts dirty litter into a lower chamber that is bagged. It contains the smell and makes it super easy to clean the box. And yes, it’ll alert you when you need to get more litter!

But what about dogs? If you’re a city dweller without yard access, a long day at work can result in a big mess at home when Fido needs a bathroom break. Inubox is currently engaging in a Kickstarter campaign for what is believed to be the first dog toilet. It’ll sense when your dog steps onto the platform. After he’s finished his business, it’ll close and begin an automatic cleaning process.

  • Pet entertainment. Bored pets are unhappy pets – and they can be destructive! Keep them calm and stimulated with some smart entertainment. From cat treadmills (really!) and connected toys to sound-canceling crates for fearful dogs, there is an exciting variety of options to keep your home safe from pets boredom induced destruction!

Custom home safety features, such as smart locks and cameras, provide general protection; when you have children, aging relatives, and/or pets, you can integrate even more specific functionality to ensure that everyone is as safe – and as comfortable – as possible.

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