When designing your new custom home, you consider every aspect of your life and what features, layout, and amenities make the most sense for you now and in the future. For many new homebuyers, that includes creating the perfect in-law quarters that are suited to serve a variety of purposes 

If your parents or in-laws live with your family, this space can provide more privacy and independence for everyone. In-law quarters are also a great idea for families who have grandparents that live in the home, visit often, or come for long-term stays. Of course, an in-law suite doesn’t just have to be for in-laws. In-law quarters can be used for any short- or long-term guest at your home, as nanny quarters, or even adult children.  

If there is separate entrance, some homeowners rent out their in-law quarters as short-term vacation rentals or even as longer-term rental agreements. 

Amenities for Creating the Perfect In-Law Suite 

When it comes to designing the perfect in-law suite, you will want to carefully consider what amenities should be included. Of course, a basic in-law suite should have a bedroom with an easily accessible bathroom. If you are opting for full in-law quarters or a guest house, then far more amenities can be included:

  • Living room – Many in-law quarters have their own separate living room. This offers a more independent living arrangement, as well as a space to watch shows and movies if, say, kids are dominating the main family room of the house. This can be a quiet and peaceful place for your parents or in-laws to watch the news, read the paper, and enjoy their coffee in their own space. 
  • Kitchenette or full kitchen – Often, in-law quarters will have a small kitchenette or even a full kitchen. Active and mobile adults may prefer this option, so that everyone can have plenty of room to prep and eat meals. Their diet may also vary greatly from the rest of the family. This is something to consider if you want to use your in-law suite for other types of long-term guests such as a nanny.  
  • Handicap accessible bathroom – The needs of aging parents and family members with mobility issues are a major factor to consider when building an in-law suite. By creating an accessible bathroom from the beginning, you can save yourself the time and cost of retrofitting something in the future.  

The age and health of your parents or in-laws can influence other decisions in the planning of your in-law suiteBe open with your builder, they have the knowledge to ask the right questions about your family’s individual needs and wants. From there, they will guide you through planning and construction, so that building your home and in-law quarters will go as easily and smoothly as possible. 

Location: Where Should You Put an In-Law Suite? 

The amenities and features you include for an in-law suite can influence its location in your new home build. Options range from including the suite within your home, separated by a hallway, creating a separate entrance, to even locating your in-law suite as a separate guest house. 

The simplest option is to locate just a bedroom and bathroom suite within the rest of your home, but you could be left with overcrowded communal spaces. You can also create quarters in the home that have a bit of separation. Great spaces for this option include the basement, attic, above the garage or even an extension on the main floor. This is also the time to consider if having a separate entrance is important to you when deciding on the best location. 

One additional aspect to keep in mind, though, is the age and mobility of your parents or in-laws. First floor quarters may be the way to go if there are physical health concerns. You will also want to think about accessibility in terms of doorway sizes and the need for ramps.   

Alternatively, you can create a separate structure from the home like a guest house. This option allows for true privacy within your home, as well as for your in-laws. A guest house for in-laws can be quaint and modest or it can be grand and upscale. This all depends on your family’s wishes.  

In-Law Quarters: In Conclusion 

If you are building the home of your dreams and want in-law quarters or a suite, then let G&G Custom Homes help you create the perfect space for your family. G&G will work with your family’s unique and individual needs. Your parents or in-laws can stay close while still giving everyone their privacy and personal space. It all starts with a conversation, connect with G&G today to talk about building your custom home with the perfect in-law suite.