Check out the great home technology coming out in 2017!Home technology in Indianapolis custom homes is becoming smarter and smarter. Form electronic, thumb print locks to thermostats you can control from your phone, custom home technology has made life easier for everyone. And the best part? The technology just keeps getting better at making life even easier.

Why New Home Technology Is Great

Here are just a few examples as to why new home technology is such a great thing for custom home owners:

  1. It makes your home and life more efficient. Sure, an internet connected smart thermostat helps with the energy efficiency of your home, but new technology is making your daily routines more efficient.
  2. The technology is making your home safer. From electronic locks that you can lock and unlock with your phone to home security cameras you can monitor from anywhere, home safety has vastly improved with technology.
  3. Home technology makes life more enjoyable and not just because life is easier with the new gadgets. With things like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, you can enjoy music, search the internet, and do a whole slew of other things without lifting a single finger.

Home Technology to Look For In 2017

With 2017 now in full swing, it’s time to get excited about the new technology rolling out.

  1. Smartduvet: Who doesn’t love crawling into a well made bed every night? But, on the flip side, who has time to make their bed every single morning? Now, you don’t have to settle for a rushed job of making the bed or not making it all. Smartduvet will take care of it for you. Simply press a button on your phone, and your bed will be ready for you each night.
  2. Smart Faucets: The way your kitchen and bathroom sinks look is important. You want every detail, down to the style of the faucet, to be perfect. Smart Faucets not only look great, but they’re energy efficient and conserve water. The best part, if you have kids, they don’t even need to touch the faucet valves to get the water flowing! So, no more sticky faucet situations.
  3. Motion Sensor PowerStrip: You already know the importance of surge protectors, but the Motion Sensor PowerStrip takes surge protector to the next level. Four of the outlets turn off after 30 minutes, if no movement is detected around the strip. This allows you to save energy and money. It’s perfect for when kids leave on entertainment systems or when lights are accidentally left on.
  4. Connected Refrigerators: Have you ever made it to the grocery store only to realize you forgot your list? With a connected fridge, it won’t matter if you leave your list at home or not. These fridges not only provide incredible storage space, but they’ll help keep track of the food you have, the food you need, and how old the food in the fridge is. The best part? All of these lists are available on apps you can download on your phone.
  5. Transparent TVs: When televisions went flat, everyone was excited. No longer did TVs have to take up a huge space in the family room. And when wall mounted TVs became a thing, everyone started saving even more room. But, what if you could have a TV that didn’t seem like it was there at all? The transparent TV is flat and virtually see-through when not in use. This means you don’t have to sacrifice the layout or aesthetics of a room to accommodate the television.

Including all of these home technologies in your custom home isn’t a big deal when you work with Indianapolis custom home builders like G&G Custom Homes. We love bringing new technologies, ideas, and innovations to our home designs.

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