When it comes to building a custom home, there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there that may stop you from realizing your dreams.

As you are considering embarking on this journey, it is important that you arm yourself with reliable information – and reassurance that the truth is far less stressful and frustrating than the myths!

Top 5 Custom Home Myths

Myth #1: Building a Custom Home Is Way, Way Too Expensive

This is, without a doubt, the biggest, the most pervasive myth regarding custom home building. Many people believe that it is far less expensive to purchase a pre-owned home. But just as you work with your builder to customize your home, you can also customize your budget. Design decisions, such as size and layout, allow you to “cost engineer.” You also have the flexibility to focus on the features you really need and want while avoiding wasting money on those you do not.

Pre-owned homes come with limitations; for example, if you’d rather have a large chef’s kitchen instead of that third bay in the garage, you are going to have to spend a great deal of money making those changes. Remodeling costs about twice as much per square foot than building new.

Another factor to consider is that pre-owned homes come with pre-owned appliances, fixtures, fittings, etc. You may have to repair, replace, or upgrade many of them. This, of course, adds to your cost. With custom builds, everything is new, efficient, and just what you need!

Myth #2: Hidden Costs Are Going to Blow Up My Budget

Many people fear that there will be surprise expenses throughout their building process or that custom home builders will try to upsell them on pricier materials, supplies, and features. Unfortunately, this does happen, and in any industry, you’re going to have a “bad apple” – or a builder who does not operate with honesty or integrity.

When you choose a reputable, reliable builder, however, they will explain all costs and ensure they align with your budget. They will also use straightforward pricing or budget sheets so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money.

A great benefit of custom homes is that we don’t run into nearly as many “surprises” as contractors who work on pre-owned homes. If they, for example, rip open a wall and discover the wiring is completely faulty, it will obviously result in a big cost increase for you. This is not an issue with new builds.

Myth #3: I Need to Be a Design Expert (and I’m Not!)

No experience necessary! You don’t need to be a designer or architect in order to participate in your project. If you find the vast number of decisions you will make intimidating, it is helpful to know that you are not alone.

At G&G Custom Homes, we work with a select number of homeowners each year in order to provide them with the personalized attention they need. We will explain the process, present viable options, and give you the information and guidance you need to make great choices for your home and future. We walk you through everything, from financing and flooring choices to smart technology and scheduling software.

Is it helpful to have some knowledge of design? Sure. But it is by no means required when you are part of a team. What is more helpful is that you have a vision, an open mind, and curiosity about the process. This is an exciting time!

"It is important that you arm yourself with reliable information - and reassurance that the truth is far less stressful and frustrating than the myths!"

Myth #4: It’s More Environmentally Responsible to Purchase a Pre-Owned Home

On the surface, this seems to make sense. After all, a custom home requires materials and supplies, from wood for framing to steel, copper, and plastic for your plumbing. That must be wasteful and harmful to the environment.

Let’s dig deeper though. When you buy a pre-owned home, you have to contend with outdated appliances, inefficient HVAC and air sealing, old insulation, and other issues. This creates a situation where the home is not energy efficient – and this is wasteful and harmful to the environment (not to mention your wallet).

A custom home is constructed with today’s advanced, science-backed building techniques, creating a tight “envelope” that offers exceptional efficiency and comfort. Additionally, you will have high performance insulation, energy efficient appliances, low VOC paints and sealants, high efficiency lighting, low-flow plumbing solutions, and other features that reduce environmental impact.

When you build a custom home, you’re thinking about the future – and that future is greener thanks to greatly enhanced efficiency.

Myth #5: Working with Custom Home Builders Is a Nightmare

You won’t be able to get someone to take or return calls, email you, text you, or update you. You won’t have a point person and will be stuck explaining your questions to five different people. You’ll get the runaround when you have concerns. You won’t have any idea what’s going on with your home or where it is in the process. Your builder won’t listen to you and will pressure you to make decisions without giving you the necessary information or time.

Let us put these fears to rest. When you work with G&G Custom Homes, your main contact is owner Joe Garcia. He is the builder, superintendent, and intermediary between you and suppliers/vendors, and your go-to for information, questions, and reassurance.

We don’t pop out cookie cutter homes for countless clients, whose names escape us. Joe works one-on-one with you throughout every step of the process. As he says, “We will not just hand over the keys and walk away; we look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with all our clients.”

In addition to working with Joe, you can access project information through our web-based service, BuilderTrend. Here, you can see the building schedule, track spending, view and share images, and communicate with us. If you ever have a question, comment, or concern, we answer the phone, return the email, text you back, or come on out and assist you at the site.

Are there any other custom home myths standing in your way? Get in touch with us, and we’ll bust them together!

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