Perhaps one of the most popular custom home designs right now is the mudroom. Every home needs this multifunctional transition space. It’s the perfect place to kick off your shoes, leave a backpack, Mudroom designs should make life easier for the whole family.or drop your groceries. Having said that, you don’t just want some drab room in your home. You want mudroom designs that are for your whole family. You want a space you can enjoy, but you also want it to provide incredible functionality.

Here are just a few mudroom designs to consider for your custom home:

Bench Seating

No two mudrooms are created equally. Some are narrow hallways connecting the kitchen and laundry room. Other mudrooms are a larger, multifunctional laundry room. No matter the style of your mudroom, you’re going to want a bench. A bench is the perfect mudroom storage solution. Sit and take off your boots after playing in the snow. Set your heavy grocery bags down as you lock the door behind you. Or even rest your briefcase after a long day at the office. Pro tip: leave the space under the bench open or include cubbies wire baskets,  shoes, and other storage solutions.

Stylish Mudroom Designs

Who enjoys walking into a dark narrow hallway or stepping into a dimly lit laundry room to toss a load into the washing machine? No one actually enjoys those things. Instead of creating these dark spaces no one enjoys, add style to your mudroom. If you continue design elements from other areas of your custom home into the mudroom, every member of your family will end up enjoying the space. For one thing, it will make doing chores more bearable.

Multipurpose Is Best

If your family is busy and active, then a simple bench in the mudroom isn’t going to cut it. You need a mudroom that is multipurpose and offesr more. Custom home builder Indianapolis, can build shelves, a place to store sporting equipment, a coat rack, someplace for shoes. Think of your mudroom as a transitional space. It’s where you’ll enter the house after coming in from the garage and backyard. What do you want to shed before entering the rest of the house? What doesn’t need to make it’s way any further into the home? Make sure the mudroom has a place for all of that.

Close The Mudroom Room Off

If your family is like most modern families, then you’re probably rushing off to somewhere else every 20 minutes. All of the rushing can leave the mudroom in utter chaos. You probably don’t have time to scrub the floor every day, pick up coats, straighten shoes, close drawers, and everything else that goes into keeping a mudroom clean. Instead, you need a way to close the room off. Whether it’s a standard door or a barn door or some other option, having the ability to close the room off will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.

When it comes to designing your mudroom, you need to think about the way your family enters the home. Do your kids have the habit of just dumping their stuff right inside the door? Are shoes immediately kicked off? Are bags thrown everywhere? Answering these questions and similar questions will allow you to better design the space. And, when you’re ready to talk about your mud room and the other features of your dream home, the custom home builders at G&G Custom Homes are ready to talk. We’ll take your ideas and turn them into reality!

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