Money Saving TipsIt may not have always been the case, but the kitchen has become the heart of the modern day household. No longer tucked away like a workspace, contemporary kitchens are being built with both functionality and beauty in mind. It is also the most popular room to remodel these days, and renovation projects can exhaust a budget if you’re not too careful. Here are four money saving tips to give your kitchen a new look.

Design a Plan: The first step toward remodeling your kitchen is to establish a plan. Most custom home builders have a kitchen design expert that can walk you step-by-step through the process, but if that option is not available, architects as well as design departments at home improvement stores can assist in creating your plan. A big thing to stay mindful of during this step in the process is keeping existing walls, plumbing and electrical outlets in their existing locations. You will save a pretty penny (and time) keeping those elements intact.

Ordering the Specifics:  The bulk of your project cost will come in cabinets, appliances and light fixtures. Re-using some of your old appliances will undoubtedly cut down on cost, but that’s only applicable if they fit the new look and feel of your renovation. Going with stock cabinets over the custom-made variety is also an option worth exploring, but that will all be determined by the scope of your overall project. The final aspect of material goods will come in the flooring you choose, but flooring is something that can be covered or switched out at a later date.

Gutting the Kitchen: Your contractor will tend to the majority of the tearing out process, but you can expedite the situation by removing old appliances, cabinets and countertops you have chosen to part ways with. Getting those items out of the way will cut down on the time your contractor has to spend deconstructing your kitchen, and will allow the renovation to get off to a quick start. It is also important to remember to set up a make-shift kitchen while your kitchen is under remodel.

DIY Where You Can: There are going to be some areas where an experienced craftsman’s touch is required, but there will also be plenty of opportunities to install items on your own. Doing the proper homework and getting the necessary tools are a must, but installing appliances, base cabinets and laying the flooring can save quite a bit of time and money.

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