GG-Blog2-DecemberThe foyer of your custom home  is the first place that your guests will step into when they arrive. It sets the tone for the rest of the house’s design and feel.

Your foyer is also the first place that you enter after a long day at work, traveling, and running errands.  The foyer of your custom home should greet you with a sense of peace and calm.

Here are four tips to help you make a grand first impression with your foyer.

1. Make a grand impression by meeting the needs of your guests.

Think about the function of your foyer. What are the ways that you need your foyer to work for you and your guests? Do you need there to be a mirror so you can check your hair on the way out?

Do you need a place to store items when you first walk in the door? Do you frequently have kids, adults and older adults visit you? Will you need seating to help kids or older adults put on their shoes and take them off?

These are some practical questions to help you get started for creating a grand impression by meeting the needs of those who walk through your front door.

2. Add grand lighting

Your foyer should be adequately lighted during the day and the evening. Allow for lots of natural light to enter your foyer to welcome your guests into your home during the day.

During the evening hours lighting is very important for safety as well as creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Consider adding a beautiful chandelier to your foyer that adds a soft glow. Fill in the lighting scheme with floor and/or table lamps to compliment your main source of light.

3. Add a grand rug

Pick out a rug that fits with the style of your home that will bring that element of elegance to your foyer. Find a rug that is both durable, beautiful and feels good beneath the feet of your guests.

A rug is a great way to warm up a space and add color and design that reflects your home.

4. Make sure your furniture fits well

When choosing furniture such as tables and chairs for your foyer make sure that they are well balanced for the space. Nothing says “not grand” like a table that is too small for the space. Make sure that if you have a large foyer the items you choose to fill it with are to scale.

At the same time you don’t want to over clutter the space. Keep it clean and spacious since there will always be people to fill the space at the foyer.

5. Keep extras at the foyer

When a grand hotel goes over and beyond by providing you with those extras you might have forgotten it makes a great impression. You can take a lesson from your favorite hotel by keeping extras at the front of your home.

Keep a few extra umbrellas your guests can use if there is a sudden change in weather. Provide extra warm slippers and socks for guests who get a little chilly.

Make sure you have extra space in your closet for shoes and jackets to keep your foyer clear of clutter. It will also provide easy access for your guests to grab their things when they are leaving.

A grand impression is not only design, and function but also hospitality towards your guests.

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