When it comes to your kitchen, you want luxury kitchen Luxury kitchen features make living easier and better.features that make preparing food, cleaning up, and life in general easier. Whether you’re always on the go, always planning your next dinner party, or just trying to get tonight’s meal on the table, these luxury kitchen features will help you accomplish your goal.

Direct Access to Outside

Take your kitchen to the next level by including direct access to your yard. Whether it’s a simple, elegant French door transition or your custom home builder installs foldable glass walls that make the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless, you’ll love the kitchen even more when it feels like it’s part of the outdoors.

Undercabinet Lighting

Preparing for your big dinner party can be a cumbersome task made even more cumbersome by not being able to see what you’re doing. Add more lighting to your kitchen and work areas by installing under cabinet lighting.

Prep Sink

One of the places you probably love preparing dinner is on your kitchen’s island, but preparing that dinner could be simpler. Rather than walk back and forth from your kitchen sink to the island to whip up dinner, you could be using the sink right next to you. A prep sink is a sink for preparing fresh foods and getting your meals together and it’s often built into your kitchen island for convenient use.

Counter-depth Refrigerator

Having a counter-depth refrigerator gives you that built-in look while also giving your kitchen a more seamless feel. A counter-depth fridge is typically taller than a normal fridge, but only sticks out as far as your base cabinets to help the kitchen flow much better.

Steam Oven

Adding a steam oven to your kitchen gives you another incredible way to cook your food. Not only does it give you more versatility, but also gives you a healthier option for cooking your food.

Hidden Outlets

Outlets can break the flow of the kitchen and, let’s be honest, don’t look that great. Rather than trying to find ways to hide standard outlets, mount them under your cabinets for easy access.

Dishwasher Drawer

When you don’t have enough dishes to fill the dishwasher or simply don’t have any more room in your dishwasher, a dishwasher drawer is a perfect solution. These dishwashers blend in with your cabinets while also providing you with an additional way to clean your dishes.

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