Designing a kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of building a These kitchen cabinet ideas are a great way to freshen up a kitchen design.custom home. You get to pick out flooring, cabinets, a kitchen sink, and brand new appliances. But, it’s easy to get swept away in all of the choices. Even if you’ve had a dream kitchen for years, there are so many choices and ideas out there that you might forget all about that dream. To help, we’ve compiled some of our favorite kitchen cabinet ideas:

1. Barn door style cabinet doors combine function with aesthetics.

Barn doors are still a popular design element for the modern farmhouse. Why? Because they are perfect design solution. They look fantastic in the right setting and take up way less space than traditional doors. The sliding door style is now moving into the kitchen as a cabinet door. Mostly seen on upper cabinets, the sliding doors give you the look and feel of open shelves while also providing a sense of organization. When it comes to kitchen cabinet ideas, this is a must for any fan of the farmhouse style.

2. Metallic cabinets give your kitchen a clean, industrial look.

How much do you love the look and feel of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen? If you’re a big fan and they are must haves, why not carry the look through to your cabinets? As far as kitchen cabinet ideas go, this is the perfect way to get that chef kitchen vibe going while also bringing a cool, clean feeling to the space. It’s the best solution for serious at-home-chefs or anyone who just likes the look of an industrial kitchen.

3. Mesh inserts act as a middle ground between cabinet doors and open shelves.

While open shelves and glass fronted cabinet doors are popular options for kitchen cabinet ideas, they don’t fit everyone’s style. If you aren’t into putting everything in your kitchen out on display, then metal mesh inserts could be the perfect compromise for you. The mesh inserts let light into your cabinets, open up the room, and still bring an incredible modern-traditional style flair to the kitchen design.

4. Two-tone cabinets add depth and freshness to the kitchen.

Kitchen design that mixes two tones of color isn’t anything new. However, this look is traditionally seen with cabinets being one color and the kitchen island a different, more bold color. What we’re proposing here is a single cabinet with two colors. For example, if you have a wall of cabinets, the lower cabinet may be white while the draw on top of the cabinet is a wood color. Two-tone cabinets add a new visual element to the kitchen while also making it feel more fresh and modern.

4. A wall of black cabinets makes the kitchen a sophisticated room.

We understand that black is often seen as a harsh, dramatic color. However, when used properly and sparingly, black is an extremely sophisticated color. If you like bold design, then black matte cabinets can be the thing that sets your kitchen apart. Rather than deck the entire space out in black, it’s a good idea to just do a single wall of black cabinets and then add in accents. To make the look really work, consider mixing in stark white cabinets and brass features.

The kitchen cabinet ideas above are some of the hottest kitchen design trends of 2018, but you’ll most likely be seeing them for years to come, so there’s no worry in these looks going out of fashion.

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