Finding inspiration for your custom home is simple. Finding the right inspiration isn’t always as easy. With sites like Pinterest, HOUZZ, Our Indianapolis Home A Rama house was built for style and clients.and HGTV giving you an overwhelming amount of ideas and options, it can be difficult to make decisions about your dream home. At G&G Custom Homes, we understand this dilemma and we work with our customers to find the inspiration they’re really looking for.

One place we encourage clients to start is with our Indianapolis Home A Rama home. This custom home was built for the 2016 Home A Rama event. We worked to create a truly unique home that shows our ability as builders while also appealing to home buyers.

Here are just a few highlights from the Indianapolis Home A Rama that may inspire ideas for your future home:

An inviting entryway greets guests and looks impressive from the inside and the outside.

One of the first things anyone ever notices about a custom home is the front door. It’s really a statement piece for the home and is the first impression for guests when they arrive, which is why front doors are often bold colors. With our Indianapolis Home A Rama house, we wanted the front entryway, on the inside and outside, to smoothly blend in with the design, while also being incredibly welcoming. You’ll notice the warm brown tones contrast with the cool grays on the inside and outside. Not only does this provide contrast, but it’s almost soothing in the way the wood tones warm up the space. And as soon as you step through that door, you’re met with more wood accents and an incredible chandelier that really makes the space pop.

Our home a rama entryway is designed to be inviting and welcoming.    The exterior entryway is welcoming.

Fireplaces should be a focal point to gather around.

When you put a fireplace in a custom home, it should be customized to the space just like every other design detail. Any run of the mill home can have a brick fireplace, but it should be more than that in a custom home. It should show off personality while providing a functional element to the home. In our Indianapolis Home A Rama house, we installed two custom fireplaces. Each adds their own unique element and design character to the house. The first fireplace is in the living room on the main floor and provides a natural look while adding a lot of accent colors to the space. The second fireplace is in the master suite. This one is even more unique and provides a romantic setting while pulling in accent colors from around the room.

The living room fireplace pulls in accent colors.  The master suite fireplace creates a focal point.

Master suite bathrooms should be luxurious and spa like to encourage relaxation.

When it comes to the master suite bathroom in a custom home, you don’t want a simple vanity, shower, and tub. You want a bathroom that provides an experience. It should be luxurious and spa like, which is exactly what you’ll find in the Indianapolis Home A Rama house we built. From the extra long vanity to the tile in the shower that matches the fireplace in the bedroom, we’ve added little touches that make this one of the most enjoyable and relaxing rooms in the entire house. You can soak in the tube or get ready at your own personal sink.

The master suite shower uses tiles from the fireplace.   The double sinks provide extra space in the bathroom.

An open floor plan makes entertaining easier and allows your family to connect more.

Open floor plans are all the rage in home design and there’s a reason for that: they make connecting with the family easier and make your home feel larger. With families on the go now more than ever, it’s important to spend as much time together as possible. Whether you’re in the kitchen while your kids are watching TV or their doing homework at the dining room table you can stay connected to each other. The Indianapolis Home A Rama house has an open concept that promotes this idea. The rooms flow seamlessly from one to the next. While some open concept floor plans feel forced and a little disjointed, you’ll notice that these rooms lead from one to the next.

The open floor plan allows for the rooms to flow into each other.

Dedicated work areas should make it easier to focus for every member of the family.

Getting work done at home is often distracting. Because there are other people around, the TV is up too loud or the kids are busy crafting their next school project, you find it difficult to concentrate on your own things. Dedicated work areas make focusing easier, but every member of the family should have a place they can work. A home office means getting business done when you aren’t able to make it to the office. A small work area makes balancing the budget, planning out the week, and charting your next family vacation distraction free. But, the thing many custom homes miss is a dedicated place for the kids to get their homework done or work on their latest craft project. In the Indianapolis Home A Rama house, we included a space for every member of the family to focus on their projects.

The home office provides a place to work when you can't go to the office.  The kid's craft area allows your kids to have a work area.

Outdoor areas should be functional, beautiful, and enhance the natural setting.

Who doesn’t love getting outside on a warm spring day, soaking up some summer sun, or enjoying the colorful leaves of fall? Custom homes should have outdoor areas that go beyond a deck and patio table. They should be extensions of the home. You should be able to cook, spend time together, and enjoy nature. For the Indianapolis Home A Rama house, we took the concept of outdoor living and blended it in with the rest of the home. While these spaces are outside, you’ll feel like you’re still enjoying the comfort of being inside, but with an even better view.

The outdoor living area provides a great scenery.   The outdoor living room combines comfortability with outdoor scenery.

Lower levels should be an escape from everyday life.

When it comes to the lower level of a custom home, you’re likely to find a bar, maybe a home theater, or even an exercise room. These features have become staples for custom homes. We wanted to elevate the lower level in the Indianapolis Home A Rama house. We included a bar, yes, but behind that bar is an actual brewing room. If you’re going to have taps and a keg system, why not serve YOUR beer. We included a theater complete with comfy chairs and bar stools, but we also put three screens in it because you never know when you may want to have a football watching party or your kids will want to play video games with their friends. We elevated the home gym by putting it in it’s own room and making sure there was plenty of room for equipment and exercising, so whether you like to work on your yoga moves or run a 5K on a treadmill, you always have options.

The home brewery is located behind the bar   The home theater offers multiple screens.

When you think about your future custom home, what details do you want to include? Is there something in our Home A Rama house that you absolutely love and want in your dream home? The custom home builders at G&G Custom Homes would love to hear about your ideas. Contact us and we’ll sit down together to talk about your dream home.