Indianapolis Custom Home2When building an Indianapolis custom home there are a lot of decisions to be made, from the type of flooring you want installed to the color of the exterior of your home. For example, when building a custom home, you get to determine design elements and what certain spaces, like your lower level, will be used for. Custom home lower levels vary in layout, design, and functionality from home to home. When deciding what to do with your lower level, think of the whole family and the different ways the space can be used.

Here are 7 ideas for your Indianapolis custom home lower level:

1. Home Theater

Just because you want a large format screen and comfy seating, doesn’t mean you have to go with a traditional theater look. Let your style flow into this room like you would any other. Use comfy and oversized couches instead of chairs. Have your custom home builder install built in shelves to hold all of your movies. The possibilities are almost endless.

2. Game Room

While some game rooms include traditional games like pool, there are many other options for your game room. A tabletop gaming table is perfect for Monopoly night or Risk tournaments that last for days. If you have the space, why not also include a section for videos games, arcade games, and other tables like Ping Pong?

3. Bar

Your Indianapolis custom home can feature a bar that says a lot about your personality and what you enjoy. For wine connoisseurs, consider a wine cellar and classic wine bar look. If you’re really into craft beer, then why not create a bar that shows off your bottle collection and sports a keg or two of your favorite brew.

4. Mudroom

From muddy clothes to a second laundry room, mudrooms are the perfect space to keep things clean and organized. When the kids get home from soccer practice, they can store all of their gear in the mudroom and when the dog just has to go out in the rain, it’s a great spot to dry him off.

5. Mother In Law Quarters

Mother-in-law quarters aren’t just for your mother-in-law. No, these custom spaces can give any guest staying in your home a sense of independence and their own space, while still allowing for direct access to the main portion of the home. From your college friends you haven’t seen in years to your sister coming in from out of town, a mother- in-law quarters allows you to bring your style into your custom home by incorporating elements like a sitting area, bedroom, and bathroom.

6. Living Room

Many home builders are opting to remove technology from their living rooms in order to reconnect with family and friends, rather than watching television. A lower level is a great place to keep the television and other media consoles like video games. A lower level living room would also allow your kids to watch “Frozen” for the 267th time while you catch up on your favorite shows upstairs or entertain friends without worrying about the kids interrupting.  

7.Home Office

The lower level is a great place to build out your custom home office. Include a bathroom, built in storage cabinets, and a kitchenette, and you’ll be set. The lower level is a great place to build your office because it provides privacy, still gives you access to the rest of the house, and can be customized to fit your individual needs. The best part of a home office in your lower level? It’s a perfect opportunity to only be a few short steps away from your personal bar after a long day of work.

The lower level in your Indianapolis custom home can be anything you want it to be. From tikki bar to family game room, this is a space for the entire family to use and to create. Are you having trouble deciding where to start with your custom home? Our e-book, “Tips For Building Your Custom Home,” walks you through the entire custom home building process from start to finish. Get your free e-book “Tips For Building A Custom Home” today!