in-law-suite According to the AARP, the advocacy group for people 50 and over, there was an increase in multigenerational households from 5 million, in 2000 to 6.2 million of all households, in 2008.

With the increase of life spans and less financial security, there has been a trend for aging parents to move in with their adult children. There is mostly a positive response to this possibility in most situations.

When building a home, preparing to buy or remodel a currently existing home, if you have aging parents it might be a good idea to consider building an in-law suite.

If building an in-law suite is something that you are thinking about here are three things to keep in mind when making this decision.


If you can create a suite that has a kitchen, bathroom and it’s own access door to the outside that is ideal. It is important to maintain a sense of privacy and autonomy for older individuals. This arrangement will allow both generations to live in more harmony, respect and dignity of different lifestyles.


When designing the new space for in-laws or aging parents keep in mind their unique needs.  Think about counter height, no slip flooring, any needed ramps, and easy to maintain areas. Take care to make the space still reflect their style and tastes so they can feel welcomed into their new living arrangements.


Before you start building or expanding your current home into additional living spaces check with your subdivision’s regulations and city requirements as rules, codes and laws can vary from state to state.

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