Lawn and Garden Custom HomeNow that spring is here you might be noticing that your grass is coming up in patchy sections and your lawn and garden might be looking like it’s in major need of some TLC.

Many things could be the cause of a bedraggled landscape.
winter rain damaged edges due to de-icer chemicals
matted down twigs and leaves
plants damaged by animals.

So what do you do to get your lawn and garden looking good again?

Do a Once Over
Walk around and make notes of things that need to be worked on
make a list and break them down into sections of garden, lawn work, repairs and cleaning.

Know your climate and what plants and flowers will thrive where you live. Know what insects and wildlife my wreak havoc on your landscaping plan for the growth of your plants and make sure there is enough.

Love Your Garden
Clean out old leaves and twigs.
Remove debris and any trash that might have blown into that area
turn the soil put down some cold-weather plants like Pansies
Prune tree damaged limbs, shrubs and branches
only prune to the branch collar.

Love Your Lawn
Pick up twigs and leaves
Remove debris
mow the lawn to even out the lawn
before fertilization get a soil test done to find out the exact needs of your soil
wait until the soil temperature reaches 50 – 55 F to apply fertilizer

Pressure wash your deck
replace shutters
paint the mailbox
install new exterior lights

If you need help with getting your landscape ready for spring contact GG Homes today!