The best reason to build a custom home? You have a dream home in G&G Custom Homes can turn your dream home design into reality.mind and you’re ready to live in it! Dream home design is all about what you imagine as the perfect home. For some, a dream home includes an outdoor living room and for others, a dream home is all about creating an open floor plan. Dream home design comes down to whatever your idea of a perfect home is. While you no doubt have some terrific ideas already, the custom home builders at G&G Custom Homes thought you might like these suggestions:

Inclusive Master Suite

Master suites don’t have to just be a bedroom and bathroom. For your dream home design, go big with the master suite. Instead of just a bedroom and bathroom, make it your personal oasis – your refuge from the rest of the house. Include a reading nook and small library, if you love to curl up and read the evening away. Add a seating area with a television, so you and your partner can watch your favorite movies together. Make the space even more romantic by including a fireplace or a small in-room bar with a wine chiller.

Bathrooms For Every Bedroom

If you have more than one kid, give them their own bathroom. Doing this will probably solve a lot of your issues. Instead of fighting over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, each kid is responsible for their own bathroom. Plus, getting everyone ready and out the door for school becomes a lot easier when everyone has their own space to get ready. Remember, these bathrooms don’t have to be large, just enough space for each person.

Storage Galore

How many times have you gone to put something away only to realize there isn’t actually anywhere to put it away? When you’re thinking about your dream home design, think “storage galore.” No one ever complained about having too much storage space. The best part about storage in a custom built home is that it can be as creative as you want. Instead of a closet under the stairs, opt for drawers. Include built-in storage in your dining room for your nice china. Have a guest suite? Why not include built-in storage there? It’s the perfect place for extra linens.

Mudroom Haven

Laundry room meet mudroom. Mudroom meet laundry room. Combining these two spaces will not only make your home more efficient, but you’ll actually enjoy the space more. Make the mudroom a workhorse room that functions well and looks great. Include things like a folding station for clean laundry and a washing station for muddy boots, dirty feet, and man’s best friend. You can make the room stylish by adding bench seating that doubles as storage space. Give everyone in your family a cubby in the bench for backpacks, shoes, and jackets.

What ideas do you have for your dream home design? We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration! Schedule a time to talk to the experts at G&G Custom Homes today!