custom windowsBuilding your new custom home is a process where your dream comes to life, and illuminating that vision can be a fun and creative step.

The lighting schemes and fixtures you choose set the mood and atmosphere for each individual room, but can be versatile enough to be functional all the while accenting the décor. Whether it’s decorative, ambient or task lighting on your agenda, you first need to know the different types of fixtures and their purpose.

Wondering how to choose the right lighting for your custom home? Here are seven examples to help you out.


beautiful crystal chandelier for decorationChandeliers were originally used for overhead lighting, but current trends have this timeless classic doing more than just producing ambient light. More and more models are hitting the market these days ranging from incandescent to energy efficient fluorescent to provide a wide variety of options and looks for your home.

Hall/Foyer Fixtures

Hall and foyer fixtures provide accents and focal points to your interior design style all the while serving the purpose of lighting up your path from room to room.

Pendant and Suspension Lights

GG Custom gallery 5Pendants or suspension lights continue to increase in popularity do to the diverse models available to fit any design scheme. While subtle in the low-level light they provide, they are a sharp addition to draw eyes to a contemporary kitchen.

Wall Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures nearly cover the full spectrum of applicability where lighting is concerned.

Indianapolis Custom Home Builder08Bath/Vanity lighting is typically used as a practical function, but the latest trends are leaning toward turning a space that has historically been private into one that is visually appealing.


lampLamps are coming back in a big way in 2015. Their mobility alone make them crucial components to lighting schemes in any living space.


Track Lighting

Track lighting may be a set fixture, but it’s an extremely flexible option. The individual bulbs can be turned, angled or twisted to create the perfect ambiance, or set to provide task lighting in a hard to reach space.

Under Cabinet/Shelf Fixtures

under cabinet lightingUnder cabinet/shelf fixtures are a staple in modern custom homes due to their ability to provide accent lighting. They work great for bookshelves or display cases, but can also be used to illuminate counter tops from above.

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