Mom Command Center Indianapolis Home BuildersMan caves are definitely in… so why not mom caves?  Connect with the most innovative team of home builders Indianapolis has to offer to design your dream Mom Command Center. Ready to get ideas for your new favorite room in the house? Here are some features you might want to include…

  • A spot for (wo)man’s best friend to chill. Is your dog your other child? Set up a sweet hangout for Fido so that you can enjoy the Mom Command Center side by side. Build in some space beneath the counter with a cushy basket and a treat bowl, or even add a little dog house where your pooch can get away from the chaos.
  • A high-tech desk area.  Tired of cords going everywhere? Put your outlets in the back of one of your desk drawers for a hidden charging station. Think about tucking away your keyboard in a pull-out drawer or adding some file cabinets for that paperwork of yours that needs a home.
  • A laundry space. We all know laundry is constant. There’s always a stack of dirty clothes piling up somewhere. Think about setting up a washer and dryer in your Mom Command Center so that you can easily pop a load in without running all over the house. Think of it as taking multitasking to a whole new level.
  • A wine cabinet. If this is going to be your getaway, why not add a wine cabinet? Tuck your wine cabinet away in your cabinetry in case you’d like a glass of wine later in the evening.
  • An island. An island for your Mom Command Center is a must. Add a nook for barstools so that you can help the kids with homework, and don’t forget to include plenty of draw space for craft supplies or other fun things.
  • A flatscreen. Men love their man caves… turn you Mom Command Center into a Mom Cave. Make sure to plan a space for your flatscreen TV so you can keep up with your favorite shows while you are in your favorite room in the house.

Would you like more ideas for your Mom Command Center or the other rooms for your dream custom home? Take some time to talk to the team at G&G Custom Homes, some of the best home builders Indianapolis has to offer. We’d love to hear you’d ideas and we hope you will connect with us.