Have you heard the incredible news about G&G Custom Homes? AsCustom home builders in Indianapolis can help design your dream home. home builders in Indianapolis, we were honored to win the 2016 Home-A-Rama People’s Choice Award with our stunning new home in Chatham hills!

Home Builders In Indianapolis: Building Your Future Home

When the news of the award came, we were thrilled. Our whole team worked diligently to create a home that anyone could see themselves living in. From the open concept in the living areas to the full master suite complete with a fireplace and sitting area, this home is all about living in luxury, style, and comfort. When you have a custom home like this, you can really enjoy life in a completely different way. As you think about your future custom home, keep these things in mind:

  • A custom home should be completely customized to fit your family’s needs. It shouldn’t be about building a house as quickly as possible with cookie cutter floor plans.
  • Your custom home should have luxury features that look great and increase the usability of your home.
  • You want a custom home that feels like home and provides space for the entire family inside and out where you can spend time together, alone, and entertain guests.

Inspiration for Your Indianapolis Custom Home

The sky’s the limit when you work with home builders in Indianapolis like G&G Custom Homes. Here are just a few of the luxury features we included in the Home-A-Rama home that would be great in any custom home:

  • Lower level bar and beer brewing room:Entertain friends and family in your personal bar and serve only the best and freshest brews while doing it- your brews, in fact. The lower level bar is the perfect place for friends to spend Saturday evenings hanging out and for Sunday afternoon football watching.
  • Covered porches enhancing the outdoor living experience.The Home-A-Rama house we built features two covered porches. Both of them offer stunning views of the property. By covering these porches we made them extensions of the home. You can easily create an entire living space outside of your home where you can host large family dinners, entertain friends during sunny summer days, and your kids can hang out.
  • A main level mudroom and laundry room. No one enjoys walking into their home to see a laundry room full of dirty clothes. Instead, step inside the door from your garage into your house to see bench seating, beautiful storage options for coats, shoes, and sports equipment.
  • A bunk room for kids to play in and guests to stay in. You never know who might be staying over, so creating a guest room or even a bunk room to fit multiple styles is the perfect way to go. In the Home-A-Rama house, we built a bunk room that the kids can play in when guests aren’t over, but it’s also a great, private place for guests to rest when they’re staying for extended periods of time.
  • Private bathrooms for each bedroom. Who actually enjoys sharing a bathroom? Save yourself the hassle of listening to kids fight over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom or argue over how long someone has been in the shower.
  • A basketball court in the garage to keep the family active. When winter strikes in Indiana, no one likes going outside. But, that shouldn’t keep your family from staying active. Using the garage area, we installed a basketball court so the whole family can stay active all year shooting hoops. What could be more Indiana than that?
  • A second-floor study area for homework and craft time. Give kids their own space to make a mess in that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up every day. Study areas are perfect for providing the peace kids needs to work on homework and study away from the distractions of the rest of the house.
  • An open concept living area, so the family can be together more. Tired of your family always in separate rooms doing their own thing? With an open concept, you can all be in different rooms, but still see and talk with each other. While you’re cooking dinner you can talk to your kids in the living room about their day at school.

At G&G Custom Homes, we understand that a custom home needs to provide a world-class experience of luxury, but it also needs to be comfortable and fit your family needs. From initial conversation to the moment we turn over the keys to beautiful custom homes, the home building process is all about you.

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