When you’ve worked and waited, hoped and planned for a forever home, you will find that your enjoyment and satisfaction lies as much in the intangibles as the physical aspects of your home.

When you pull into the driveway, when you step into the front door, when you tuck your children in at night or welcome friends to your table, there is a feeling of relief and refuge. This is home. It takes both interior and exterior design elements to create a home that reflects the people who live there.  

G&G Custom Homes takes a different approach to exterior home design: it begins with you. We start with a conversation that enables us to not only begin to develop a relationship with you, but to understand your budget, goals, and how you want to live in your home. Other ways we strive to achieve exceptional results:

1. Start with a Floor Plan

It surprises many of our clients, but exterior home design most often begins with the floor plan. Residential designer Dean Drake explains, “The overall floor plan of a home can dictate what style best suits the exterior. I take a different approach when designing a prairie style home, or a home that has mainly hip roofs, than when I design a modern farmhouse that has mainly crisp lines and gables.” This connects back to our initial conversation, of course, when we discuss how you prefer to live in your home.

2. Integrate the Indoors and Outdoors

Depending on your goals, elements like front porches and outdoor living areas allow you to seamlessly integrate the indoors and outdoors – while maximizing your space and your enjoyment. While this is a trend that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, it is not a passing fad. This is a viable and relatively easy way to increase the value of your home, its functionality, and its aesthetic beauty.

"This is home. It takes both interior and exterior design elements to create a home that reflects the people who live there."

3. Limit Materials in Exterior Design

In our exterior home design, we often limit the materials to a combination three at the most. As Dean says, “More than that can look off balance.” This is one of the most challenging of the exterior design decisions you will make – but G&G is there to help you throughout the process of making the best choice for your budget and goals.

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Building a custom home is a series of these types of steps and decisions; we work with you to provide the information, insight, and advice you need to make optimal choices that reflect your needs and desires – and that will ensure your ideal home lives up to (or exceeds!) expectations, now and in the future.

If you’re in the market for a custom build with an exterior catered to your desires and way of living, connect with G&G Custom Homes to get started with a conversation.

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