Customer Stories:

The Wright Family

When building their new custom home, the Wright Family was looking for a functional home above all else. A space built to suit their lifestyle. And a builder who listened and was there through the entire process. So, they turned to Joe Garcia of G&G Custom Homes to build the home that is everything they ever dreamed of.


When Andrea and Jeff Wright outgrew their home, they began looking at houses on the market. Most, says Andrea, were fantastic… but. There were little elements here, features there that weren’t quite right. They decided to build – and they were not going to be rushed.

Taking their time to research and vet custom home builders, the Wrights decided to attend Home-A-Rama in 2014. There they met Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes. It was, as they say, the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Finding a Custom Home Partner

In addition to his exceptional reputation in the custom home industry, the Wrights were impressed with Joe’s deep roots in the community (he even coached their nephew’s baseball team). He isn’t going anywhere, and he takes great pride in the homes he builds.

Andrea had another concern. She is, as Jeff says, the “project manager” in the family and would be the one to interact with the architects, contractors, and crews. She’d be making decisions, and it was essential that she felt comfortable as a woman in the largely male-dominated construction industry. After meeting Joe and the G&G Custom Homes team, she knew that she’d found a true partner in the home building process.

Purposeful Spaces

Looking around her home, Andrea says that one of the aspects she loves most is that every space is useful. “We designed the home so everything is purposeful.” The Wright home features an open concept floor plan where the living, dining, and kitchen spaces flow together seamlessly, making it perfect for entertaining – an activity that the Wrights love.

A Home Designed for Living

When embarking on the custom home design process, it was important to Andrea and Jeff that their home fit their needs and lifestyle rather than forcing them to adjust to its confines. Jeff, for example, has a large family. In their previous house, the Wrights entertained the crowd in a formal dining room. When considering their future home, Andrea insisted on having this distinct space.

The architect and Joe listened, understanding her goal – and then suggested a different way to accomplish it. What if they did an open space that was large enough to accommodate the whole family and had that great sense of flow? Andrea says, “We spoke about it and then said, ‘Let’s listen to Joe and the design team. That’s why we hired them.” The results are not only beautiful, but as Andrea says, “It works for us.”
Jeff really loves to entertain and would much rather host than go elsewhere! It was important to him that there be an area devoted to get-togethers. A space where people could have a beer, watch the game, and relax. This turned out to be the basement area. It is also very open, so Jeff can keep an eye out and make sure everyone’s enjoying themselves. Need a refresh on your drink or another snack? Jeff’s on it.

"G&G Custom Homes strives to ensure that, while looking forward to the results, you thoroughly enjoy the journey to your home that is built for living."

Ready for Whatever Comes Next

When the Wrights started the custom home building process, their children were just over five and two. As parents, they wanted a play space where the kids could have (supervised!) fun. But, Andrea says, Joe encouraged them to be forward-thinking. They’re not going to be small forever! So they created spaces that could grow with them. For example, upstairs there is a fully equipped “homework station” for the children that’s large enough for Mom and Dad to help out and for the kids to unwind, parent-free.

And when Andrea and Jeff are empty nesters? They thought about that too. They designed their home so they can turn the downstairs playroom into a master suite someday. There is space within the walls, as well as structural support, to allow the installation of bathrooms and closets. The basement also has these features to allow for expansion into the unfinished area.

It was important to the Wrights that their home met all of their needs – now and in the future. With the help of G&G Custom Homes, they were able to achieve this goal.

A Love That Lasts – and Grows

We all know the novelty, the “newness” of a home can wear off. After more than three years, how do the Wrights feel about their custom home? Andrea says, “Coming down the street and seeing even the paint color of my house… I loved it then; I love it now. It’s such an accomplishment to be able to say we started this from scratch.”

What about Jeff? Does he love the home as much as he did over three years ago? No. He loves it even more. “It was a major accomplishment for us. We had the vision that this was our forever home… and I’m proud to say, we’ve been here for three and a half years, and we love it more now than when we first moved in.”

Working with G&G Custom Homes

Building a custom home is a labor of love. The owners, of course, are invested in the process and, more importantly, the results that they live with year after year. But as the Wrights found out, G&G Custom Homes was just as invested. Jeff remarks that Joe attended all the architect meetings, provided great advice, and helped “rein in some ideas that the architect had to fit our budget.”

Often, Jeff and Andrea spoke about the home build at night, and Andrea would email Joe with a list of questions. When Jeff checked his email first thing in the morning, Joe’s answers were already in his inbox. “We never had to wait on anything; he responded very quickly.”

Andrea says, “I joke that it’s like a part time job to build a house. There are so many decisions [but we] never felt rushed or pressured.” Rather, they were informed, advised, and supported every step of the way.

The custom home building process was so positive that Joe and his wife still stop by the Wrights’ house now and then to have a beer in that beautiful basement entertainment space! They have become friends, and according to Jeff, that friendship is built on a foundation as strong and reliable as their home’s.

Enjoy the Custom Home Building Process

Building a custom home can be challenging. It can be confusing. It can be frustrating, stressful, and headache-inducing. Or it can be challenging – and rewarding, enjoyable, and empowering. G&G Custom Homes strives to ensure that, while looking forward to the results, you thoroughly enjoy the journey to your home that is built for living.

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