The curb appeal of your home is the first impression anyone gets when they come to visit your house. The exterior of your home can be a great way to express the personality of your family as well as maintain and increase the value of your home.

Here are seven things to make the exterior of your home to stand out.

Update Your Exterior Paint

Paint colors can be a great way to establish the style and enhance the look of your home. Choose colors that make the architectural highlights of your home stand out. Popular styles in the midwest are the Shaker and traditional style homes. Choose colors that blend well with the natural landscape or create a nice complimentary pop of color.

Update Your Lighting

Lighting upgrades seem to be the last thing that homeowners work on. Choose custom lighting that shows that you care about the details of your home. Some places that you can add lighting are:

  • The porch
  • Garage door lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Front door

Renew Your Landscape

Nothing says that you care and value your home like beautiful landscaping. Lackluster landscaping can make even the most beautiful homes look uncared for. Make sure that your landscaping fits with your home in terms of size and balance of shrubs, flowers and trees. Remove weeds and brush and lay down mulch to keep things looking clean and neat. Consider planting a variety of flowers and shrubs that bloom at various times of the year so you always have something growing. If you don’t have a green thumb use plants and trees that are native to the area, are hardy and don’t require a lot of attention.

Pressure Wash Your Home

It’s amazing how much grime and buildup can accumulate on the exterior of your home after several years. It can cause the paint color, brick, and stone of your home to look a lot more worn that it probably is. Cleaning the outside of your home can add years and tons of curb appeal back to your home. (Consider hiring a professional crew to do this for you as most people pressure wash their homes from ladders and can risk injury or damaging parts of the house.)

Add house numbers

Consider adding some large house numbers to your home to create some added curb appeal to your home. Large house numbers serve a practical purpose as well. It makes it easier for guests to identify your home. In the event of an emergency it will make it easier for EMTs, police, and firefighters to get to your home.

Warm up your porch

A great way to add curb appeal to your home is to make the front porch welcoming by adding furniture, and decor that makes your guests feel at home right away. Seeing that extra touch of warmth from the road really makes your home stand out from the others! Adding decor to your porch is another opportunity to enhance your home’s style as well.

Paint all the major doors

Add a pop of color by painting your front door as well as your garage door. These are often the first things that people’s eyes go to when they come to your home. Have fun with it and use colors that compliment the main color of your home.

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