Kitchen Remodel Custom Home Builders IndianapolisThanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s your favorite holiday, but maybe as you go through the list of family members who will be staying in your home, you begin to realize that you will need a LOT of extra food this year. Maybe one turkey just won’t cut it, or you’ll need to make the world’s biggest batch of your mother’s stuffing recipe to make sure everyone gets a helping. The more you plan, the more your realize that it might be time for a kitchen upgrade. 
If you are just realizing it now, it’s too late for a renovation this year. The good news is that running a big holiday like Thanksgiving is a great time to brainstorm what you REALLY need for your kitchen. You’ll want to think about what your needs are, then reach out to the finest team of custom home builders Indianapolis  has to offer: G&G Custom Homes.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are some things you’ll want to think about.


A few years ago, one oven was more than enough. But for major holidays when family members are coming in, two ovens are not only ideal, they are absolutely necessary. You may also think about upping the size of your refrigerator, adding multiple dishwashers or expanding your sink area.

Counter Space

You’ll want an island area where people can enjoy a glass of wine, keeping you company while you roll out pie crusts. You may want plenty of space to sprawl out, because holidays like Thanksgiving mean you’ll be cooking quite a bit. Don’t forget to consider the material of your countertops. If you go with granite, you’ll love that you can slice and dice right on your countertop, plus your kitchen will have an elegant, polished feel.

Floor Plan

When the family is around, you don’t want to spend your day by yourself. Design your new kitchen floor plan to accommodate for a flow of comings and goings. Whether you want your kitchen to open up into a living space or you like your kitchen stashed away so you don’t have to look at dirty dishes, it is still possible to create a floor plan with great flow.


The more you live in your kitchen, the more you may realize that your cabinet layout is not ideal. Not only can you upgrade the look of your cabinets, but you can also upgrade the functionality. Say goodbye to that weird corner cabinet where you have to turn everything sideways to fit it in. Time to say hello to a much smarter cabinet look and layout.

Ready to talk to an Indianapolis custom home builder about your kitchen?

Use this holiday to think about the various ways a kitchen upgrade could make next year’s Thanksgiving one for the books. Would you like to talk to our team about your ideas? We can’t wait to sit down with you to learn more about your dream kitchen.