design tipsBuilding a custom home can be overwhelming with all of the choices that you have in front of you to make. You have to select fixtures, paint colors, appliances, cabinets, flooring, counter tops, design plans and more.

If you have a full time job, a family, and other projects you are committed to your time might be a little on the short side.

Here are some tips to help you feel like you are creating a space that will look put together and cohesive without a lot of stress and fuss on your part.

3 Design Tips for the Non Designer

1. Choose One Color Palette

Try mixing different shades of one color when picking out your decor for your rooms. For example greys and whites and blacks go well together creating a calm and serene feeling.

If you like your decor to be elegant, luxe and somber embrace the darker versions of your favorite hues of color.

Think rugs, sofas, chairs, paint, and drapes in various hues of one color to keep a cohesive flow to your interior design.  Whenever seasons change simply pick one accent color and add it to three different places in a room so the eye can pick it up every where it lands.

2. Prepare for storage

When building your custom home prepare for storage before the clutter hits! By being proactive in your storage needs you will avoid disorganization and promote a home that is clean and the decor can shine.

Make sure that you have adequate space in your kitchen for food, cleaning supplies and office supplies if needed.

If you foresee lots of books and board games in your future family room, include built in shelving into your design.

Make sure that your closet is outfitted with an organizational system, drawers and baskets to make sure that everything has a place.

3.  Find the Essence of You

Interior designers use their imagination and creativity to make a room look great. Find your inner designer by finding what is personal to you. If you use a room on Pinterest as an inspiration room consider what you like about the room. Is it the fact that it’s cozy? Does it lack clutter and have an open feel? Do you like the way the light comes in the windows?

Take the essence of your inspirational pictures and find out how you can replicate it in your rooms in your own way.

Don’t feel as though you have to have everything in a room follow one theme.  Try to find interesting ways to introduce colors, and decor that hint towards the feel that you want to create in your rooms.

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