custom homes in IndianaSummer is almost here and that means cookouts and hanging out in the backyard. If you’re thinking about building custom homes in Indiana, then you might want to consider designing your own outdoor kitchen. It’s the perfect place to prepare food when you have family or friends over. You don’t have to run from the grill to the kitchen every time you need something. Instead, your outdoor kitchen puts everything you need in one spot.

As you think about custom homes in Indiana, consider these great features for your outdoor kitchen:

Built-In Grills

Having a grill in the backyard is pretty common in Indiana, but you can take your backyard to the next level with a built-in grill. Instead of a free-standing grill that can be an eye sore, have your custom home builder Indianapolis install a built-in grill. With a built-in grill you get the same great functions as a normal grill, but also an enhanced appearance and the counter space to prepare and season the food you’re getting ready to grill.  

Outdoor Refrigerator

When you’re whipping up a great meal on the patio, it’s a pain to run inside every time you need something from the fridge, so why do it? Outdoor kitchens with refrigerators just make sense. Keep drinks cold while you’re cooking and enjoying your backyard or use it to store the food you’re about to throw on the grill. The refrigerator will easily become one of your favorite outdoor features.

Sink and Bar

No kitchen is complete without running water and a sink. From meal prep to washing up before you eat, a sink in your outdoor kitchen will make life so much easier and your custom home builder Indianapolis can easily add the sink to your kitchen. Want to take it up another notch? Your sink can double as bar when you add things like a cocktail center that can old ice and other essentials for making your favorite mixed drink.

Custom Cabinets

You’ll need somewhere to store all of your outdoor dining essentials like serving ware, utensils and dishes. Custom cabinets are not only great for storage, but they can help make your outdoor kitchen feel even more like a kitchen. Think of this as another space you get to design. Add a pop of color to your backyard with bright cabinets or make them blend into the scenery in your yard.


If you don’t feel like adding an outdoor dining room to your patio or deck, then your outdoor kitchen will need a table of some sort—something the whole family can sit around to enjoy a meal together. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the normal patio furniture box. Your table could be a farmhouse style table or even a modern metal table.

Custom homes in Indiana are the perfect places to build outdoor kitchens. Instead of running inside every 5 minutes to grab something from the kitchen, upgrade your standard grill to an entire kitchen. Have more ideas for an outdoor kitchen? Let your Indiana custom home builder know about them!