One of the most fun parts of planning a custom home is thinking about all of the custom home innovations you can incorporate inCustom home innovations are all about making your life the design. There are lot of technologies perfectly designed for your home, but you may not want every little gadget out on the market. Indianapolis home builders can easily install many of these technologies as they build your home. To help you decide what works for your home and what doesn’t, here are some custom home innovations to consider:

Wifi Doorbell

Have you ever wondered if anyone rings your doorbell during the day while you’re at work? Now you can know for sure with a wifi connected doorbell. Not only can you get alerts sent directly to your phone when someone rings your doorbell, but you can get a live video feed of who is at the door. If that isn’t enough, some of the wifi doorbells actually allow you to talk to the person on the other side of the door through your phone.

Smart Thermostat

Custom home innovations have come a long way from the original home thermostat. Now, you can do so much more than just set the temperature of your home. Your thermostat can be set to cool or heat your home during certain hours of a specific day. Not only can you program the thermostat, but you can connect to it and control it while you are away from home using your smartphone. Your custom home builder will be able to help you determine which smart thermostat is perfect for your home.

Programmable Dimmer

Dimming the lights in various rooms around your home has been an option for a while, but now it’s simplified. Rather than turning a dial up and down or manipulating a small lever, you can simply program the dimness levels you like. Trying to tune into the right dimness can be frustrating. With a programmable dimmer, you’ll be able to save your favorite settings and not have to worry about finding the right amount of light for a romantic dinner or for your kid’s’ birthday candles.

Touch-Free Faucet

How often do you find your hands full and needing to turn on the water? Whether you are preparing dinner or need to wash up after playing outside, touch-free faucets are a great solution. These faucets come in a number of different styles and make washing your hands and filling heavy pots easier than using traditional sinks and faucets.

Wireless Speakers

Love listening to music all over the house? Wireless speakers allow you to connect to the speakers will your cell phone or other mobile device, so you can listen to music in any and all rooms throughout the house. Whether you are whipping up dinner or lounging by the pool, your music can be right there with you.
What custom home technologies do you want to incorporate into your dream home? At G&G Custom Homes, we love hearing all of your custom home ideas.