Mixed custom home flooring materials gives a unique look.As you start thinking about custom made homes, you know you want something that really makes a statement. You could purchase a piece of furniture that’s unique and custom or even do a dramatic accent wall in your home. However, you really want something more permanent and more tailored to your home and style. Custom home flooring is the perfect way to add style to your home while making a bold statement. High end carpet or tile is great, but it isn’t quite enough. You need mixed floor materials to really set your home apart.

Here’s the problem with other custom home flooring ideas:

Carpet starts to all look the same.

From microfiber to microfiber, it doesn’t matter what the thread count is, carpet all starts to look the same. Not to mention, carpet is hard to guard against stains, no matter how stain proof a salesperson claims it is.

Tile flooring can be limited in size, color, and shape.

You might find the perfect color tile only to learn that it’s only available in a size too small for the space you want. Tile can be restricting unless you’re willing to compromise your style for what’s available.

Vinyl and linoleum can end up looking cheap.

These two forms of flooring have come a long way in the last few years, but they still end up leaving a lot to be desired.

For a truly custom home flooring look you need mixed floor materials. What are mixed floor materials? This is when two flooring materials are seamlessly blended together. Rather than coming to a complete stop during a room transition, the two floors blend together briefly before transitioning.

As a custom home builder Indianapolis, we love working with customers who are ready to blend styles and add the latest ideas and trends to their homes. Here are just a few reasons to consider mixed floor materials:

Mixing floor materials gives a truly custom look to your home.

You built a custom home for a reason. Mixing floor materials creates a look unique only to your home.

When you mix floor materials you don’t have to compromise.

Can’t decide between the Italian marble and reclaimed wood for you kitchen floor? Mixing floor materials allows you to use them both.

By mixing floor materials you can ditch the transition strips.

No one really likes the way flooring transition strips look. By using the flooring to transition from one room to the next, you can ditch the strips and get a seamless look for your home.

Mixing floor materials is the perfect way to make your custom home even more custom to your styles and tastes. If you’re looking to build a custom home, then you’ll need experts you can trust to know the trends and how to install them in your home. At G&G Custom Homes, we know trends and we know how to create the home of your dreams. When you’re ready to talk about your ideas, contact G&G Custom Homes.