Fall has finally arrived. That means as you sip on pumpkin spice everything, prepare for a bonfire, and head to the park to look at the beautiful trees, you also need to think about preparing your custom Your custom home needs to get ready for the changing seasons. Here's your to-do list.home for the season. Just like you prepare for the changing season by switching out your summer shorts and t-shirts for jeans and long sleeves, your custom home needs a little bit of preparation.

Custom Home Fall Maintenance Checklist

As you think about your honey do list, make sure the fall checklist for your Indianapolis custom home includes these things:

  • Drain Your Sprinkler System: It’s important to make sure the hoses and pipes that help your grass grow to a luscious green in the springtime are turned off and drained in the fall. You’ll want to make sure your landscape maintenance company drains the system before the end of the seasons so water doesn’t freeze and cause the pipes to burst.
  • Check Your Home For Cracks: Unfortunately, the cold is inevitable. However, you can help fight the cold this winter by sealing your house this fall. If you notice cracks around windows and doors, they’ll need to be caulked before the winter hints.
  • Clean Out Gutters: Your gutters have to be cleaned out before the weather turns too cold, so that the snow and ice on your roof this winter can properly drain. If it doesn’t drain, then you’ll end up with ice damming and water leaks inside your home.
  • Inspect Your Fireplace: Before you light the first fire of the season, you should have a professional give your fireplace a once over. They’ll need to look up the chimney, open the flue to make sure there aren’t any obstructions, and clean the chimney. Having a professional clean your chimney will help ensure you can have safe fireplace fires all winter long.  
  • Organize Your Yard and Shed: Throughout the summer, your garage and shed may have become a mess. Your kids might have thrown toys and sports equipment wherever. The lawn mower may have left a huge mess of grass everywhere. Now is the time to get it organized for next spring. Pull everything out if you have to. Organizing it now will save you the hassle later on.
  • Check Your Roof: Have you noticed shingle debris in your downspouts? Are your shingles looking a little rough these days? Check your roof for any signs of damage from the ground. If it’s looking spotty or if you notice missing shingles, it’s time to call in a professional. When the snow hits this winter, you could end up with pretty extensive damage.

How are you preparing your home for the fall? Tired of all the little fixes you have to make around your home every year? It might be time for a new custom home. The team custom home builders at G&G Custom Homes will listen to your ideas and help you create the home of your dreams.