Custom Home Design - Entertainment SpacesIf you love entertaining, you are probably trying to find a way to turn your brand new custom home design into entertainment central. Of course, you are probably already thinking about features you’ll want to include, like your indoor movie theater, the cigar lounge, the gym, and even the wine cellar. You know what you love, you don’t need help there…

But you may be forgetting some of the key ingredients of a successful entertainment space.  Here are some tips to help you design spaces that are perfect for guests and (more importantly) perfect for you!

Hide the mess.

A basement kitchen that opens into a bar area sounds all fine and good. That is, until you realize that after you whip up your special Bloody Mary recipe, your guests are sitting at the bar… staring at your dirty sink. Think about ways to tuck away that sink or keep those garbage and recycling bins out of sight. Not only will it be a more enjoyable experience for your guests, but you also won’t have to be distracted by any messes you make while you are busy trying to be a good host.

Choose a focal point for your space.

Is it a fireplace? A giant screen? A bar? A table? You’ll want to position your spacing around that focal point in a usable way.  Think about a flowing space with seating that allows guests to face that focal point. That doesn’t mean you can’t tuck a custom bar along the wall… it just means that you need to think about how your space will work once it’s full. Have multiple focal points? That’s not a problem, but you’ll want to be careful about your floor plan so that it doesn’t become divisive, causing some groups to have to break away because they don’t feel included.

Use materials that make sense.

Carpeting can be a great, comfy option, but remember that at a large holiday party, guests may not remember to remove their shoes. Wood flooring in a basement can look great, but may be chilly for guests in bare feet or socks. In order for an entertaining space to really make guests feel at home, you’ll want to consider both the look and the feel of the materials you use. If you are married to a certain look, there are usually ways to accommodate any concerns you might have about the comfort of your guests.

Imagine who you will entertain, and when.

By picturing the type of guests you will be entertaining, you can gain some helpful insight as to where in the home your entertainment spaces should go. The living room, as the heart of the home, can serve as a great entertainment space… but not if you have noisy guests late at night while the kids are trying to get some sleep right upstairs. Think about leveraging your basement, or, if lots of natural light is important to you, think about creating a space at the front or back of your home where you can add a lot of windows for a great view.

Need help with your custom home design?

The team at G&G Custom Homes specializes in entertainment spaces. Take a look at some of our work or check out one of our ebooks, Tips For Building Your Custom Home. Have questions? Connect with our team to talk about your ideas!