Custom home building is all about turning your dreams and ideas into the perfect home for you and your family. For many, that means Custom home building is all about designing the perfect home for you including your home office.building the home office of their dreams. While it may not seem glamorous or luxurious to many, having the perfect home office can mean the difference of getting the job done or not getting the job done.

Working from home has become a more and more common thing for many people, but it’s not always the most productive way to get tasks and projects accomplished. If you look around your current home office, you probably see tons of distraction. It could be the fridge in the nearby kitchen, the kids playing in their rooms down the hall, or the noise of people walking in the room above you. As you think about what style of office will work best in your home, here are a few things to consider about your office during the custom home building process:


There are tons of places all over your home for a home office: lower level, right inside the front door, inside a master suite, tucked in behind the kitchen. While you can build the office almost anywhere, you probably shouldn’t build it just anywhere. Think about how much room you need in your office and where you will be less likely to find distractions. If there’s a lot of foot traffic just outside your office door, will it be distracting for you? Are you planning on having clients over? The location of your home office can have a huge impact on how effective you are at working from home.

Function and Form

Whether you’re working in your home office 8 hours a day 5 days a week or just here and there, you need it to be your space. So, getting that sleek, high-back leather chair you always wanted is great, but if you can’t sit in it comfortably, then it won’t be a great chair to work from. Instead, find a chair that is comfortable and looks great. That goes for everything in your office. Sure, you want it to look incredible, neat, and professional, but you also need it to work for you. If you need built in elements like bookshelves or even a desk, then your home builder can incorporate that into the design without any issues.

Room With a View

When it comes to your home office, you want to make sure you have something great to look at. If you put your office behind the kitchen at the back of the house with no windows, you’ll probably feel more like you’re working in a closet rather than an office. Making sure you have a window in your office that allows you to take visual breaks from time to time. A window gives you a great view and something to look at that isn’t your computer screen. Plus, studies show that working in an office with a window helps you sleep better and longer, are more physically active, and have a better quality of life.

Let The Light Flow

Natural light is a great thing to have in an office setting, so think about placing the office in a room that gets a lot of light throughout the day. If the office can’t be in a room with windows, then consider using French doors with glass panels that let light into the office from the hallway or adjoining room.

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