When it comes to building your custom home, you don’t want just Custom home builders know how to deliver the "wow" factor.any house. If you did, you could find any housing addition, select the model plan you like, and build. You’re looking for something with a little more “wow.” You’re looking to work with custom home builders who can take your dream home ideas and turn them into reality.

As you start thinking about your custom home, here are a few upgrades you should keep in mind:

1. Take lighting up a notch with task lighting, windows, and dramatic fixtures.

When it comes to your custom home, almost nothing can enhance it like lighting. For starters, you’ll want to make sure custom home builders include task lighting. Think undercounter lights in the kitchen and track lighting in the office. Natural light will help keep your home bright and make it feel more open. For the ultimate “wow” factor, add dramatic light fixtures in key rooms like the kitchen and dining room.

2. A contemporary fireplace gives you more control and more style.

A fireplace makes any home instantly more cozy. But, you don’t want your custom home to resemble a log cabin. You want to keep your modern style and appeal. There are fireplaces now that use gas and give you more control than ever before. You can even enjoy these fireplaces in the summertime because they allow you to send the heat outside.

3. A home theater gives the family a space to enjoy together.

Most modern families are always on the go. The kids have soccer practice. Mom or dad has a late meeting. There’s always something to do, but custom home builders can give families a space to spend time together. A lower level home theater combines, style, comfort, and entertainment. Ditch the traditional theater seats and opt for over-sized leather chairs. Throw in a soda fountain, popcorn machine and a candy stand, and you’ll be good to go.

4. Bold backsplash in the kitchen creates an attention grabber.

If you’re worried about your kitchen not having the same pop as the rest of your home, then why not go for it and use a bold backsplash. From the way tiles are laid to the color and pattern of the tiles, a backsplash is the perfect way to get the “wow” factor in your home. You don’t have to go crazy to create a dramatic effect.

5. Lower level bars give adults a place to hang out and spend time away from kids.

If you’re looking for a way to take your lower level up a notch, why not include a bar? But, don’t make just any old bar. Include tap handles for your favorite homebrews, a wine cooler, and open shelf displays for your collection of bourbons and whiskies.

6. Reclaimed flooring gives your home character and unique style.

Wood floors are great, but reclaimed wood floors are even better. With reclaimed wood floors, you still get the richness of wood, but you also get character like the rough sawn look and small dings that come with old wood.

7. Spa bathrooms take your master suite to an entirely new level.

A sink, shower, and bathtub aren’t going to cut it. You need heated floors, fluffy towels, a tub big enough for two, and a glass shower with normal shower heads and a waterfall shower head. Your bathroom should be an oasis from the everyday.

Are you thinking about or planning on building a custom home? Before you jump into the process, we have a free, e-book you should check out. By downloading, “Tips for Building Your Custom Home,” you’ll have access to great tips on hiring custom home builders, selecting a build site, and what to expect during the building process.