Building a custom home is exciting for any homeowner. Custom home builders in Indianapolis can help you design and build your Custom home builders in Indianapolis can help you plan and design a tree house for your yard.dream home. But, what about your kids? As you begin thinking about different ideas to incorporate into your home for your kids, consider designing a treehouse for them. While custom home builders in Indianapolis may not build your treehouse for you, they will be able to advise you on it and help you find a specialist that can.

Choose A Tree

Custom home builders in Indianapolis will be able to help decide which tree in your yard is perfect for a tree house. However, the final decision is up to you and your kids. You know how you’ll ultimately use the backyard and all of the plans that you have for the yard. Knowing these things will help you decide on a tree. Keep in mind that the tree needs to be well-established and solid, so it can support the weight of the house. You also want to make sure that the tree isn’t so old it’s in danger of rot or decay.

Pick a Treehouse Design

With so many different treehouse designs, it can be difficult to decide which one you want to use. You can pick from platform designs that use stilt-like supports, designs that attach directly to the tree, and some that suspend from the larger, strong branches of the tree. To help you decide which design is right for your yard, here are a few things to think about:

    • Space: How big is your tree and what type of house would it best support? Depending on the type of tree and the size of the tree, one type of house might look better than another type of house.
    • Type of Tree: Certain types of trees are known to hold up better than other trees for houses. You need to make sure the design you pick fits with the tree type you are trying to build it on.
    • Use: How will your family use the treehouse? Are your kids looking for a fort or a playhouse? Do you want a space your entire family can hang out in? The use of your treehouse will determine the style and design you want.

Treehouse Amenities

Want to take your treehouse up a level? You can include all sorts of amenities in your treehouse that will have all of the neighborhoods kids wanting  to come over and play. Consider installing a half bath, so your kids can wash their hands and even use the restroom without having to come inside. While you’re at it, run electricity to the treehouse so that they can keep playing even after the sun has gone down.


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