With winter right around the corner, you might be wondering how you’re going to keep your kids active. When cold weather and snow Custom Home Builders Indianapolis can help you bring sports indoors!strike, no one wants to go outside. Below freezing temperatures means more video games and indoor play time, but what if there was something else? What if you could safely bring sports inside and give your kids the perfect place to burn off energy, exercise, and stay active?

Bringing sports indoors gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Custom Home Builder Indianapolis: Why Bring Sports Inside

  • You want to provide your kids with activities that can keep them moving and active and bringing sports inside will help you do that.
  • While it may have been unconventional in the past, bringing sports inside your custom home can actually enhance the look and experience of the house.
  • By bringing sports indoors, you’ll have a multipurpose space in your home that can be used for kids’ birthday parties, entertaining friends, and so much more.

Sports To Bring Indoors

If you think bringing sports indoors for your custom home could be a perfect way to keep kids active, talk to your custom home builder Indianapolis about one of these ideas:

Basketball Court

If you look at our Home-A-Rama house, you’ll notice that the garage doubles as a basketball court. Now, we could have just put up a couple of goals and called it a day, but by adding the barn doors over the windows and painting the walls a similar color as the rest of the living areas, we were able to make the court feel like it was part of the home.

Soccer Field

Indoor soccer has been a pretty popular winter activity for years now. Why not make it part of your custom home? An indoor soccer field can be part of your garage or you can make it a multipurpose room in your home where kids can go to play soccer and you don’t have to worry about them breaking things.

Tennis Court

This one doesn’t have to be for the kids. Maybe you and your spouse love to play a few games of tennis, but can’t make it to the club as much as you would like. Add a tennis court to your home or enclose a tennis court outside, so you can play all year round.

Floor Hockey

Help your kids prepare for ice hockey or at least burn off some energy by giving them a place to play floor hockey. This game uses a ball instead of a puck and you can use skates or not.

Keeping kids active all year long is an important part of their well-being. By bringing sports indoors, you can help them stay active by playing their favorite sports like basketball and soccer. As a custom home builder Indianapolis, G&G Custom Homes helps clients design unique features for their homes.

Are you ready to build your dream home? No matter what unique features you want to add, G&G is here to help! Schedule your free consultation today!