Custom builders in Indianapolis can do more than just build you the home of your dreams. They can help you build a luxury master suite Custom builders in Indianapolis can help you design the luxury master suite of your dreams.full of features that will make you want to stay in your suite and never leave. With expert knowledge, custom builders in Indianapolis will help you determine which features you need in your master suite to really make it stand out.

To help you get started with your own suite, here are 4 luxury features home builders can include in your dream home:

1. Large Windows or Private Deck

What could be better than gazing out over your backyard from your bed as the sun starts to come up in the morning? Large windows in your master suite allow you to enjoy the views surrounding your home. Whether it’s your backyard or the community lake or pond, you’ll be glad you have this one-of-a-kind view. You can enjoy the view even more with your own private deck. By installing a small deck off the master suite, you can step outside for a breath of fresh air whenever you want. Plus, you can enjoy a romantic, star-filled evening anytime with a master suite deck.

2. Sitting Area

Your master suite shouldn’t just be a place for you to sleep at night and store your clothes. It should be a room you and your spouse can enjoy whenever you want to. Having a sitting area in your master suite just makes sense, but it can also be as luxurious as you want. Using a partition wall, you can create a separate space in your master suite with a comfy sofa or a couple of chairs. You can also add a TV to the sitting area, so you can always watch whatever you want, even a late night movie.

3. Skylights

Skylights add character and sophistication to any room, when done correctly. For the master suite, they can add more natural light to darker rooms, and, when positioned above the bed or sitting area, act as a great way to view the starry sky. If you’re worried about the sun waking you up in the morning, custom builders in Indianapolis can install remote blinds that can be closed with the push of a button.

4. Spa Bathroom

Big closets are a great luxury to include in master suites, but even more luxurious is a spa bathroom. You can easily create a bathroom that you won’t ever want to leave. From experience showers to claw foot tubs, you can create a bathroom that makes you feel just like you’re at a spa. Really take your bathroom up a level with heated floors and plenty of space for extra towels. A his and her sink means you’ll always have the counter space you need to get ready in the morning and for a night out.

What luxury features have you always dreamed of having in your home? At G&G Custom Homes we’re committed to helping you build the home of your dreams and making sure your master suite is as luxurious as you’ve always wanted.