How often do you find yourself dreaming about a custom home? Does your dream home have a full master suite? Is there a theater inBuilding a custom home offers great benefits. the lower level? Is there an outdoor living room? Like most people, you probably have a dream home, but you’re worried about the cost associated with it. So many can’t get passed numbers that they end up buying an existing home. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing an existing home, it certainly doesn’t come with the same great benefits of building a custom home.

Why Buy An Existing Home?

When you purchase an existing home, you have to mold the ideas of your dream home to fit the floor plan of the existing home. Maybe you always dreamed of a downstairs master suite, but the home you purchased has the suite upstairs. Maybe you wanted an open floor plan, but the home you purchased is closed off.

Existing homes are often higher maintenance. Depending on how old the home is, you could run into structural problems and the cosmetic issues could end up racking up over time. From drywall patches to roof replacement to new kitchen cabinets the costs associated with an existing home add up over time.

The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

You could struggle through making an existing home yours or you could work with custom home builders to build a custom home that has the benefits you want:

Floor Plan

A custom home means you don’t have to compromise on your floor plan. Want an open layout? Done. Want your master suite on the ground floor? Done. Want that lower level bar and theater? Done. Literally, your custom home can be planned out however you want.

Home Location

Whether you’re looking to build in a new state or want to stay in the same area, building a custom home allows you to personally pick the lot you build on. That means you could have the trees in your backyard you’ve always dreamed of. It could mean being 20 minutes closer to work. Home location, when you build a custom home, is all up to you. You won’t be stuck in the location of an existing home.

Personalized Features

When you purchase an existing home, there are going to be features you just don’t like. It could be the vanity in the powder room or the cabinets and counters in the kitchen that you don’t like. Having those replaced can be costly. Building a custom home means you can choose the features you want. This allows your personal style to come out in your home’s design and decor.

Low Maintenance

It’s no secret, a new home takes less work to maintain. Whereas an existing home might have regular upkeep and maintenance, your custom built home will have all new components and systems that will be good to go for years.

Building a custom home shouldn’t be so intimidating that it keeps you from having your dream home. When you compare the benefits of building a home to the costs of purchasing an existing home, you’ll find that the custom home is always the better option.

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