Custom Home StyleYour custom home should reflect your personal style and meet all of your needs. From vintage furniture to modern appliances, you have a lot of style to add to your Indianapolis custom home. Even if you aren’t 100% ready to start building your custom home, you should start thinking about the different ways you can bring your personal style and flair to your house. To help you get started, here are some of the styles we have worked with in recent projects:

Open Spaces

An open kitchen design, like this one, allows you to connect with family and friends, no matter where they are in the downstairs living space. So, while you’re whipping up a delicious dinner, you can still talk to your kids about their day at school. Open spaces also allow entertaining guests much easier!

Vintage Comfort

In this bed and bath setup, you get the best mix of vintage and comfort. The claw foot tub allows for that eclectic vintage vibe while the his and hers sinks provide the maximum amount of comfort.

Family Elegance

If you’re thinking about adding a basement to your custom home, why not create a space the whole family can enjoy? With this custom home basement design, we created an inviting space for the whole family to enjoy while also bringing in a level of sophistication.

Rustic Charm

In this home, we were able to carry the custom home interiors to the patio space. The rustic charm of the of the stone fireplace and the built in kitchen area create a unique and custom place to enjoy the outdoors.

Focus on Details

In a custom home, it’s all about the details.From crown moulding to staircase railings, the details let you bring in even more of your personal style. Through personalized details, this home shows off the owner’s rustic and vintage style.

No matter what kind of look you want for your Indianapolis custom home, G&G Custom Homes incorporates your personal style and tastes. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!