When you think brass, you probably think of your Grandma’s Brass is a great addition for custom home design.outdated table lamps, faucets, and everything else she could get her hands on. Thankfully, when we say brass is back, we don’t mean the shiny, gaudy brass accents and decor your Grandma was such a fan of. Instead, we’re talking about subtle, matte brass finishes that command attention, demanding to be used in the best ways possible. But, how exactly do you go about incorporating such a bold metal into your custom home design? With these tips:

Tip #1: Stick With A Matte Finish

If you’re looking to skip the same custom home design your Grandma had, then you you’ll want to design with brass that has a matte finish. This more muted finish still commands the same attention as shiny brass, but without all of the drama. No one wants to look at your decor and see their reflection staring back at them. The matte finish on brass still looks incredible and provides some color variation, which makes each piece in your custom home unique.

Tip #2: Use Brass For A Big Impact

If you’re dream home is more modern and contemporary, then you can use brass to make a huge impact on the overall design of the home. When used in clean, modern custom home design, brass easily becomes the center of attention. However, if overused in a small space, brass can become harsh and give the room a sterile feeling. Stick to lighter colors and minimum accessories to let the brass stand out as the center of attention.

Tip #3: Mix Your Elements Up

Using straight brass for everything in a room or home can become boring. Add texture to your custom home by mixing elements. Use brass for the lighting fixtures and a modern chrome finish on door knobs and drawer handles. You can tone brass down even more by using dark, reclaimed wood accents in the same space.

Tip #4: Combine Brass With Natural Elements

Brass goes great with wood accents, but it also loves to be paired up with other organic elements. Green plants, white and cream accents, and white washed wood all look incredible with brass and actually tame the bold metal down just a little bit. So, if you’re looking for a more natural, sophisticated feel for your custom home design, combine natural elements with your brass fixtures.

Tip #5: Look For Modern Lines

If you’re looking to avoid the same look your Grandma had, then you absolutely must avoid highly ornate details. Instead, look for brass pieces with clean, modern lines. When it comes to brass, think minimalism. The fewer the details the better, more modern the brass will look.

Tip #6: Put Brass Everywhere

And, we really do mean everywhere. In your kitchen, brass can be used in the light fixtures, for the kitchen faucet, and even as an accent in your appliances. In the bathroom it can be used as every faucet, on drawers, as towel hangers, and even the accent decors. When used consistently throughout the room, the space will feel fresh, modern, and on trend.

What’s the first thing you want put brass on in your new custom home? Light fixtures? Door knobs? What about the kitchen drawer pulls? Whatever it is, the Indianapolis home builders at G&G Custom Homes want to hear about your ideas. When you contact us to set up a consultation, we’ll sit down together and talk about your dream home and how we can turn it into a reality.

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