You live to entertain. You can’t wait for the holidays to arrive so you can host family, friends, and work colleagues at a multitude of gatherings. So, what’s the secret to great entertaining? You.

When designing your custom home with G&G, you want to make sure you make the most of this opportunity to create the perfect home for entertaining. These 10 must-have custom home features will help make any event, from a cozy dinner with the new neighbors to a huge holiday celebration, a resounding success.

Set the Scene

1. Open Floor Plan. If you love to entertain, an open floor plan is your best ally. Rooms flow into each other, so everyone has space to move and breathe, and no one is squashed in a crowded corner. At the same time, the floor plan allows everyone to mingle and participate in the chatter and activities.

2. Open Basement Area with Bar. Now we’re talking! You and your guests will love the features you can include when you design your own custom home basement bar, from custom built-ins and ample seating to flat screens and foosball. Home bars create a great atmosphere and provide a nice differentiation between your entertaining space and your main living space.

3. Multiple Seating Areas. You’re the host with the most; you keep your guests comfortable and encourage them to relax. Multiple options for seating, including standalone furniture and built-in booths and benches to maximize space, are a must. They also allow you to create little conversation areas within a larger space, so even big parties feel more intimate.

Bar stools are versatile and tailor-made for entertaining. People can gather ‘round the bar or go sit on your comfy couch without missing the action.

4. Multiple TVs and Speakers. Set the mood with a home audio system that’s connected to your favorite playlists, whether your stream your music or use a classic record player you’ll have the perfect soundtrack to accompany your gathering. Discrete built-in speakers and multiple options for entertainment are ideal for everything from movie nights to giving people who’ve just met something to chat about.

Chill Those Drinks

5. Ice Machine. Pop a countertop ice machine on your bar or in your kitchen, and you’re good to go. Iced tea? Check. Soda? Check. Our favorite: Frozen margaritas? Check. And if you’re running low – no problem. These machines can produce ice in as little as 20 minutes, and they keep the cubes coming. You’ll also find different settings, crushed ice is a crowd-pleaser – and you can make snow-cones for the kids!

"Your sparkling wit and vibrant personality is enough to wow any crowd - but it’s always good to have backup, right?"

6. Ample Drink Storage. Wine, cocktails, soft drinks… you need a variety of beverages for your guests – and a way to store them. Refrigerator drawers are a go-to, and under-counter fridges add great convenience for entertainers. For the sophisticate, a wine cooler or column is a wonderful addition. We particularly love the wine column: sleek and streamlined, they not only look great, they keep wines at their optimal temperatures.

7. Built-in Kegerator. If you and your guests love a cold one, a kegerator will keep your brew fresh and crisp – for months. It is a specialized “refrigerator” designed just for beer, keeping kegs at the ideal 38℉. This allows you to purchase in volume but still maintain the taste you want. If you have a few weeks or months in between get-togethers, you’ll still pour the perfect pint every time.

Let’s Take This Outside

Breathe a little fresh air into your parties, dinners, and celebrations.

8. Covered Porch. Extend the outside in. A covered porch allows guests yet another option for seating, mingling, and having fun. On beautiful days, it’s a no-brainer: who doesn’t want to be outside? But what do you do when the temperature drops? Which is a graceful segway to #9…

9. Porch Heaters. Built-in porch heaters not only extend your living area – they extend the seasons in which you can enjoy it. Why not give a Thanksgiving toast or hold a Christmas party on the porch? With an effective, efficient heater and/or fireplace, you can do just that. Serve mugs of cocoa or hot cider, and you’ll deliver a memorable experience that is guaranteed to warm your guests in the cold of winter.

10. Powered Screens to Use on Your Porch Year-Round. Powered screens open and close with a simple touch of a button. They’re excellent for providing privacy and cutting the heat of a mid-summer sun. Depending on the model you choose, powered screens may also offer insulation against the cold and wind so your porch is comfortable virtually all year.

With your welcoming spirit and these custom home features, your gatherings are sure to be enjoyed by all. Invite family, friends, neighbors, coworkers… and treat them to a warm, cozy experience that they will want to repeat often! If you love entertaining, let us know. The G&G Custom Homes team is ready to ensure your home meets your unique needs.

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