Do you have a vision of your dream home in mind? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to realize it? Are you willing to compromise on some details? Give up your envy-inducing chef’s kitchen or make do with a smaller master suite? Is good enough, good enough?

These are questions that you wrestle with as you consider the merits of building a custom home vs. a semi-custom home. The first step is understanding the differences between a true custom home and a semi-custom home – and how those distinctions factor into your timeline, budget, and needs. 

So what does it mean to build a truly custom home? Every detail, every element, every fixture and floor and doorknob is your decision. You work directly with your homebuilder to design your custom home and bring your vision to life without compromise.  

With a completely custom home, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose your: 

  • Floor plan and layout  
  • Exterior design and materials (e.g. stone, brick, siding) 
  • Interior materials and finishes  
  • Details such as energy efficiency or home automation 

If you’ve always wanted a mudroom, you can design it with built-in shelves to store shoes and sports gear. If you dream of an ultra-modern home with spectacular views that bring the outdoors in, you can include stunning expanses of glass in your design. If you picture yourself entertaining in a great room that leads seamlessly to an outdoor living space, you can start thinking about your guest list! The point is that no matter what you want, you can work with your custom home builder to create a home that is built for living. 

Now, this can be overwhelming for some. All those decisions! It also requires a more extensive timeline as you collaborate with your builder and their team of designers, project managers, etc.  

Building a custom home is typically also more expensive than choosing a semi-custom model or pre-built house. You do have some wiggle room in terms of the materials and finishes you select, as well as in the overall size and complexity of your design.  

custom home
Every detail - every detail - is up to you. 

What is a Semi-Custom Home? 

Imagine a custom home as a suit or dress that is made specifically for you by a designer. The fabric, the cut, the color, the detailing… everything is per your requirements and designed for your body and needs. A semi-custom home is like buying a piece of clothing off the rack and then having a bit of tailoring done so it fits you better. 

A builder dealing with semi-custom homes has a library of floor plans and designs. You select one that meets your needs, and then you can work with them to customize some of the details (e.g. some materials, finishes). For example, if you’d like to upgrade from the standard sheet vinyl bathroom floor to porcelain or swap out double-glazed windows for more efficient triple-glazed, that may be an option. Typically, you will have to choose from the products and vendors available through the builder 

A semi-custom home can be a great investment if you do not want to spend extra time or money on customizing each detail. However, there will be details you can’t change and options that just aren’t available. It’s also convenient if you do not want to commit to a lengthier homebuilding process and you’d like a faster construction phase. 

Which Home Is Right for You? 

There is certainly nothing wrong with a semi-custom home; they are a wonderful solution for many. If you do not want to compromise on details, though, custom building allows you to create a forever home that perfectly suits your family, lifestyle, and specific needs 

G&G selects a limited number of homes to build each year; this allows us to develop a close and collaborative working relationship with you. From start to finish, your experience will be positive, interesting, informative, and rewarding. Your home will be built for living.  

Are you looking for the right custom home builder to help you bring your unique vision to life in a house that is built for living?

At G&G Custom Homes, our team is committed to helping you customize your home, contact us for a free consultation to get started.