Are you tired of winter weather and already dreaming of how you’re These outdoor living ideas will enhance any Indianapolis custom home.going to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your custom home’s outdoor living space? If you are dreaming of warmer days, we have 8 cannot miss, absolute musts for you! These outdoor living ideas are all about making your deck, patio, and covered areas more enjoyable, accessible, and entertaining.

  1. Connect the outdoor to the indoors.
    Whether you opt for a large, movable glass door that allows the outdoors to flow seamlessly with the inside of your home or you have your Indianapolis custom home builder install a large passthrough window that allows you to pass items from your kitchen to your outdoor dining room, you won’t be sorry.
  2. Create privacy with potted plants.
    Privacy fences are great for keeping pesky neighbors out of your backyard, but when it comes to views, they don’t always create the best one. Instead, opt for potted plants and trees that flow with the landscape around your home and can still block out the neighbors.
  3. Grow your own herbs and veggies.
    What could possibly be better than running out to your own herb garden to finish up dinner? When you incorporate an herb and veggie garden on your deck and into your outdoor living ideas you’ll always have the freshest ingredients to go with your gourmet meals.
  4. Use comfortable, cushioned furniture.
    Gone are the days of wrought iron and wood furniture. When it comes to outdoor living ideas, you need comfortable furniture that reflects your style and invites guests to relax and take a load off.
  5. Incorporate a large, long table.
    If you envision large gatherings at meal time, then a simple picnic table won’t cut it. You need a table that gives everyone enough space to be comfortable, enjoy time together, and partake in a delicious meal. Take it up another notch by hanging lights above the table, so meals can go into the darker hours of the night.
  6. Build up, if there isn’t room to build out.
    Sometimes, there isn’t room to build out the deck that you’ve always dreamed of, but that shouldn’t limit your outdoor living ideas. Instead, consider building a deck with multiple layers, or use natural hilly landscapes to create a stair step effect with your deck.
  7. Create a backyard destination.
    Rather than put your entire outdoor living space right outside of your back door, consider creating a pathway to a hidden spot in your yard or even building a beautiful pergola in the middle of your yard. This backyard destination will help spread out your outdoor living and make better use of the entire yard.
  8. Incorporate indoor elements outside.
    Outdoor living ideas aren’t just about decks and pergolas anymore. It’s about bringing the comfort and amenities of the indoors outdoors. Think fireplace, smart TVs, outdoor kitchens, and anything else that makes being outside more fun, comfortable, and entertaining.

Are you ready to start planning your custom home and your outdoor living space? The builders at G&G Custom Homes are ready to talk plans, ideas, and dreams when it comes to your home and your backyard. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation meeting were we’ll sit down, talk ideas, and discuss your dream home.