Before you start building your dream custom home, you have to free up some finances and prepare to sell your current home. You want to build the home of your dreams, to do that, you need to get the most possible out of your current home. Use these tips to maximize the amount you can get from your current home and sell faster.

Modern kitchen with wood floors, stainless steel appliances, and white cabinets surrounding an island with a marble countertop


The heart of the home is the kitchen. This is where the family comes together to make meals and enjoy dining together every day. This is one area you can easily increase the value of the home. Home buyers are looking for an efficient kitchen with updated appliances and beautiful design. Before listing your home, take a hard look at your kitchen and consider ways you could increase the functionality and design of the space. Are the countertops outdated? Beautiful marble or durable, modern concrete are both great options for updating the look and feel of the space. Updated appliances are an investment in the home that will pay out dividends. Declutter the space and make the kitchen the show-stopper of the home.

large home featuring tan brick, wooden accents, and clean landscaping at end of stone driveway

Curb appeal

Don’t overlook the outside of the home. People make their first impressions as soon as they pull up to the home. Make sure hedges are trimmed, the grass is lush and groomed, and the driveway is free of cracks. Add a few colorful flower pots, or look into hardscaping for your driveway. Don’t just focus on the front of the home, consider the backyard for a makeover. According to recent studies, backyard hardscaping yields a 20-30% average return on investment and ranks as one of the top features home buyers look for when purchasing a home. The more you can increase the curb appeal of the home, the more you can ask for the purchase price.

close-up of paint brush on top of white paint can sitting on newspaper


A little bit of paint goes a long way. Neutral tones are great for allowing people to envision their own things and styles in the space. Before you list your home for sale, take yourself out of the space. It can be hard to separate your own style from the home, but remember, not everyone has the same tastes as you. Make sure the home presents as a blank canvas for potential buyers. Let them imagine the possibilities of their own style by using neutral tones and minimal design features. Declutter the home and try to remove personal touches. Zillow recently studied the best colors to sell a home. Check out their analysis here and consider how a trip to the home improvement store can bump up the value of your home.

clawfoot bathtub in front of red, vintage window in bathroom with marbled tile covering floor and walls


The first things people look at when considering a home are number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It might come as a surprise but on average people spend around 2 years and 120 days in the bathroom over the course of a lifetime. To make a home appealing, you want to make sure the bathroom is a relaxing space that is clean, airy, and welcoming. Update the paint and design features like shower curtains, rugs and towels. Take a hard look at the bathroom fixtures and appliances. A new sink can make a bold design statement, An updated bathtub or shower makes a big impression on home buyers. Take the time to deep clean the bathroom. Put your best foot forward with a sparkling clean bathroom.

hanging light bulbs in front of wooden boxes holding plants on white wall

Small details

Don’t overlook the small details. Potential buyers will look through the home and finely comb over every detail. The smallest investment in updating the home can make the biggest impression. Update the light fixtures to match the overall aesthetic of the home and make things more modern. As we touched on earlier, declutter the space and allow potential buyers the opportunity to imagine their personal design features in the space. Decluttering the space also makes rooms feel larger, great for increasing the value of the home. People also want a well lit space that feels warm and welcoming. Ditch dark shades and make sure the space feels light and airy. Finally, pay attention to the smell of the home. Air out the home and consider baking cookies the day of the showing. You can also use plugin air fresheners to create a pleasant smelling space.

Ready to get started? Let us know and we’ll sit down to talk about getting the most out of your brand new custom home!