houzzTackling home projects can feel overwhelming especially if you are just beginning to explore the many options to revamp or build a custom home. Sometimes you can unfortunately get lost in the minutiae and small details that go into creating a space that you love.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a friend to hold your hand along the way? Not just any friend – a friend with loads of experience, advice, resources and connections. A friend who is available any time night or day to answer your questions about decorating and remodeling. A friend that can give you inspiration from around the globe in a millisecond.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, maybe it is but we’ve got the next best thing. Have you heard of a site called Houzz.com?

If not let us introduce you – you’ll be so glad to make its acquaintance.

Houzz.com is a website that provides a multitude of information, resources and articles  that can help you in complete your home- related projects.

Here are five reasons you should check out Houzz.com

1. Get Inspiration

Check out literally thousands of photos for every room from the living room to the laundry room. Get inspiration from professional designers for your own projects or collect ideas in your Houzz Ideabook to show your custom home builder or partner. Find the perfect room that expresses your love of the seaside cottage or even the rustic cabin all with the click of a mouse. You might find yourself curled up with a hot cup of tea “conversing” with Houzz.com as you discover the designs that are perfect for your needs.

2. Stories of How Other People Live

Houzz.com is more than a site with pretty pictures. Check out stories about how people live all around the world like this article about a poet and writer living in Italy. Read how her design choices were influenced by her rich ancestral history. Discover how this couple was able to build their Texas dream home from scratch with the support of their families. Get inspired by their bold choices and unique style. Step into lifestyles from around the world and bring back cultural touches to elevate your own style as you work on your projects.

3. Get Advice

A good friend will provide you with solid advice. Like if you should jump onto the bell bottom jean train…or not. Houzz.com will do the same for you. Maybe not for what jeans to wear or not wear but rather for your home project questions. Maybe you are running  up against a design dilemma or have a gardening question. Houzz.com has a section dedicated to providing you with advice. Under the advice column you can hit the design dilemma tab and type in a question for the Houzz community to help you with. Want to get feedback on your before and after photos? Share them on Houzz.com and get productive feedback for tweaks and changes you can make to level up your design.

4.  Buying Guides

Let’s be honest. If you are spending the time to make your space yours then you want to find things that are perfect for your design vision. Houzz.com has buying guides available for every room of the house. Find unique pieces to purchase that will reflect your style instead of shopping in the same stores that everyone else shops in. See something in a photo that you love? With Houzz.com you’ll be able to find that exact piece or something very close to it with their online buying guides.

5. Find a Pro

Sometimes you need a professional to bring your vision together. Find vetted professionals in all areas of home projects from custom builders to those specializing in kitchens. Discover portfolios, reviews and contact information for custom builders you are interested in. Houzz.com is a great way to do  research on custom builders that you are interested in working with. Find portfolios, reviews and contact information for the custom builder that fits best with your style and vision.

Houzz.com is a great resource to use for your projects and help your vision come to life. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t quite feel like you. Find out more about how you can build a home that pushes the envelope on style and design and create something that you’ll love for years to come.