When it comes to planning your custom home, you don’t want toUpgrade your master suite bathroom with these incredible features. miss any details. Your custom home should reflect your style and preferences. One of the rooms sometimes overlooked is the master suite bathroom, but this is one room you don’t want to forget about. Instead, you want to spend time picking out the perfect details to make your bathroom luxurious and enjoyable.

Here are 10 Master Suite Bathroom Ideas:

1. Heated Flooring

One of the worst parts of stepping out of the shower is when your feet touch the cold tile. But, there’s a great solution: heated flooring. Rather than shivering until you’re dry and dressed, heated floors take your master suite bathroom to the next level of comfortability and luxury.

2. Chandelier

This might seem like an odd master suite bathroom addition. However, a chandelier classes the bathroom up and provides a dramatic effect that you’ll absolutely love, whether you’re soaking in the tub or getting ready to go to work in the morning. Pendant lighting in the bathroom requires special consideration to building codes, so make sure your builder is aware of your wishes as they plan the layout of the bathroom.

3. Fireplace

Imagine soaking in the tub with a nice fire warming your toes. Or, imagine you’re soaking to the sounds of wood crackling in the fireplace. Again, this isn’t a usual master suite bathroom feature, but you’ll love it especially in the colder winter months.

4. Natural Light

There’s no such thing as too much natural light in the bathroom. It makes any room more enjoyable when you don’t have to rely on harsh lights. For the bathroom, include skylights and, if possible, large windows that allow light and a great breeze into the space.

5. His and Hers Sinks

This is an old staple, and you might think it’s overrated, but at the end of the day, you’re going to love not sharing a sink. You won’t have to fight over the counter space next to the sink and you’ll be able to have your bathroom items handy at all times.

6. Claw Foot Tub

What better statement piece is there for a bathroom? A large claw foot tub sets the tone for the entire bathroom. It’s the perfect mix of luxury, charm, and character. Plus, they’re great for soaking in whenever you want.

7. Multiple Shower Heads

Your shower should be an experience every time you step into it. From rainfall shower heads to surround shower heads, you’re going to love having multiple options when it comes to the water in your shower. Get clean faster, but more importantly enjoy your shower from the minute you get in to the minute you step out.

8. French Doors

Whether you enter your master suite bathroom through French doors or use French doors to lead out to a small balcony, they are the perfect feature to enhance the room. They add a sense of luxury without being over the top.

9. Extra Counter Space

You might not think about it, but your master suite bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that you’ll want additional counter space. More counter space means you’ll be able to store more items in an accessible manner.

10. Feature Floor Tiles

If you’re looking to make your master suite bathroom pop, then adding feature floor tiles is a great option. Consider dramatic colors, accent patterns, and even Italian marble.

What ideas do you have for your custom home master suite bathroom? The Indianapolis custom home builders at G&G Custom Homes would love to hear about your ideas and how we can help turn them into reality. Contact us to get started!