A carefully curated guest list.
Always the right atmosphere.
Game night is popping. Music night is mellow. You time is All. About. You.
Your beverage, perfectly poured every time.
And closing time is whenever you choose.

Let’s face it: A home bar is never a bad idea. You can skip the lines, the noise (unless you want it), the fuss, and the hassle while relaxing in an environment that completely meets your needs. And no reason to call an Uber to take you home… Because you are already there. Whether your pour of choice is a local craft brew, a fine Chateau Margaux, an elegant 18 year old Scotch, or a fresh-squeezed lemonade with just-picked berries, a custom home bar serves exceptional relaxation, memories, style, and comfort.

What are the best trends on tap?

3 Exciting Custom Home Bar Trends

Planning a custom home bar? Read on for inspiration.

  1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

Wine rooms (including a wine fridge integrated into an existing space such as the kitchen or butler’s pantry) are fading. No, we still love a good Cab, Chardonnay, and rosé but how we enjoy them is evolving. When it comes to the home bar, we are seeing a surge of display spaces instead.

In this G&G-built bar, for example, there is ample room to display your best bottles, as well as glassware and other accouterments. Stylish and sleek, this space is pitch perfect when it comes to aesthetics, usability, and comfort. Rather than a separate entity, the home bar is an integral component of the overall design.

  1. Whiskey, Neat

Enjoying the bourbon boom? Whiskey, bourbon, (all bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbon!), and scotch have been enjoying a renaissance and resurgence in popularity. Prized for its intoxicating (pun intended) aroma and distinctly smokey appeal, whiskey is a sophisticated drink tailor made for relaxing.

It’s no surprise that we are seeing more bourbon lounges. These are dedicated or separate spaces, distinct from the bar though frequently adjacent. They tend to have a darker, more “masculine” feel. Think exposed beams, brick or stone walls, bottles on display, and sumptuous armchairs. Custom built-ins, such as casks with spouts, add to the atmospheric space.

Another emerging trend is a home speakeasy. Harkening back to Prohibition days, these spaces are usually disguised by a decorative wall panel. They often have a clandestine feel, complete with backlit shelving, seating, and perhaps a gaming table. It’s also a great place to imbibe in an adults-only establishment!

  1. Bye-Bye, Bar?

No! Don’t worry – the bar isn’t going anywhere. We’re just reimagining it so our spaces fit our needs more readily. The home bar is often part of the main recreation space, and there is no missing that big counter. The counter as a focal point is fading in favor of more low-key bars to the side, allowing for increased lounge space.

Beyond this gorgeous stone bar (with four stools) is ample seating; perfect for relaxing, gathering, snacking, socializing, and entertaining.

Here’s to Happier Happy Hours

When you think about your own custom home bar, what elements are most important to you? What are your must-haves? Your goals? Your needs? How does a bar fit into your lifestyle? What do you want from this bar/area?

Whether you have all the answers or are still asking questions, connect with G&G Custom Homes. We’ll help you create the space you’ve been dreaming of.