Wouldn’t it be cool if…

You had one of those outrageous, ostentatious pet paradises? You know, the ones with a full spa experience for the dog, agility and obstacle courses for those rainy days, luxe custom pooch-sized furniture, a bone-shaped pool, and a restroom, complete with a shiny red fire hydrant? So fun! So custom. So not you because you don’t own a pet, have a severe allergy, and don’t even really care for dogs.

Silly, right? But when you create spaces and rooms, add amenities and accessories, just to have them, it amounts to much the same thing! Purpose built spaces are truly built for how you live now and how you plan/want to live in the future.

Purpose Built Spaces

It’s not that we are against over-the-top custom home features  – far from! But develop a plan that ensures you have the spaces you need and empowers you to live your life to the fullest. Whether that’s in terms of convenience and practicality, fun and frivolity, or recreation and relaxation… or all of the above.

As you begin translating your vision of home into reality, ask yourself some questions. For example:

  • Do you really need a formal dining room? How about a space next to or in the kitchen? Or both? Think about how you eat, entertain, and enjoy time – and meals – with family and friends. Will a dining room be a thriving hub, or will it become a catch-all for paperwork, mail, packages, and the other detritus of everyday life. In this case, a package delivery room or custom mudroom may be a much better use of your space and resources.
  • Would a less-mess mudroom streamline your life? Speaking of mudrooms… These ultra-practical, and stylish, spaces are some of our favorite rooms in the house! Not only does it provide a welcoming entry into the home, it works to keep mud, grass, and wet shoe prints off your gleaming floors; keep sports gear and equipment in order (and out of your living areas!); keep coats, boots, hats, mittens, bathing suits, and other items corralled – and keep your life running more smoothly.Mudrooms are a prime example of a purpose built, and multi-purpose, space.
  • Ready to redefine the basement? Sometimes, basements become yet another catch-all for storage, laundry, tools, gym equipment, and maybe a guest bed or pull-out sofa stuffed into a corner. But you have the opportunity to do so much more. For example, consider a next gen suite. This is essentially a home within a home with a separate entrance, kitchenette, living room, bedroom (or an open multi-use space), and bathroom. Think refined “mother-in-law apartment” that can be used for guests, older children, aging parents, etc.
  • Where to watch? A home theater sounds great – and it is, if you will use it! This is a great dedicated space to curl up in front of a movie or catch the big game with friends. Again, though, do you need a separate room? Would a cozy lounge space as part of the larger recreation area/living room work better for your needs?
  • How can this home grow with me? Say you have young children now, and a playroom and homework stations are a must for your family. Wonderful! These are practical, and inviting, purpose built spaces. But what happens when the kids grow up and your needs evolve? Your house can grow with you!

When valued G&G clients Andrea and Joe Wright, for example, were building their dream home, they had a five- and two-year old. They wanted a play space – but recognized that their kids wouldn’t stay little for long! They planned a homework station that is large enough for Mom and Dad to help and for the kids to relax, parent-free, as they get older. And when the playroom is eventually abandoned for the basement game room or separate bedrooms, Andrea and Joe wanted to put it to use. With a little forethought and planning, this downstairs room will easily become an elegant master suite (great for aging in place).

Purpose built – for now, and for the future.

Live Your Life

Purpose built spaces are customized to your lifestyle, your family, your needs, your goals, and your dreams. Rather than being constrained by four walls and a roof, your home can – and should – empower you to live your best life, now and well into the future. Connect with G&G to discuss your ideas.