When you think of design elements with the WOW-factor, what comes to mind? The showstoppers? The undeniable focal points? The big, the bold, and the attention-grabbing? Maybe! But sometimes, it’s the little details that make a powerful impact – the rustic strength of a hardwood beam, the graceful turn of custom trim, the architectural appeal of wall molding Sometimes (we’d argue most of the time!), it is the quality, the craftsmanship, and care that really steals the limelight.

Elevate your design with millwork that wows.

What Is Millwork?

When you’re planning a custom build, you get familiar with a long list of jargon and industry terms. (Probably much more familiar than you’d ever thought possible!) Here’s one more to add to your list: millwork.

Millwork refers to products that are created… in a sawmill. Same question: What is it?! It’s your baseboards, your molding, your window trim, mantel, door panel, railings, balusters, and so on. Unlike flooring, for example, which is largely structural, millwork is both  functional and decorative – and often custom-built for the particular space. In short, it’s like trim, but millwork goes above and beyond with more detail and more expansive applications.

Traditionally, millwork referred to elements made from lumber but today, it can incorporate MDF, particleboard, fiberglass, and even steel, aluminum, and glass. They are pre-fabricated in the mill and then fully assembled (and modified, if necessary) in the home.

That being said… How can you integrate millwork into your design for a truly jaw-dropping aesthetic?

5 Ideas for Millwork That Wows

Take your design to the next level:

1. Explore the “Fifth Wall” 

While often overlooked in terms of design, many pros consider the ceiling the fifth wall. Why waste this fantastic space! Coffers, panels, and beams allow you to add incredible depth and dimension, as well as achieving other goals. For example, beams can be used to demarcate different areas in an open floor plan; a coffered ceiling can enhance visual height, drawing the eye upward. Additionally, these architectural accouterments can also help with noise reduction and hiding ductwork. Form and function, blended flawlessly.

2. Make a Statement

Statement walls have a lot to say, and they can speak eloquently on your design – and personality. Sometimes an accent or feature wall is simply a different color, but again, what if you took it to the next level? With millwork, this statement on your style can really hit home. It could be simple and elegant panels or warm wood accent molding. It could be neutral molding with richly painted panels, diamond or tear-shaped patterns, or vertical or sawtooth molding. It could be tone-on-tone, complimenting or contrasting colors, complementary textures… The options are wide open. (Find some inspiration here.)

3. Shut the Front Door!

Doors are the ultimate in functionality – but they don’t have to just blend in. They, too, can make a powerful statement, especially when you add millwork to the mix. Again, this can be as simple as Shaker-style panels with ultra-clean lines or the common mullion, molding, and panel approach. Or it could incorporate elements of steel, fiberglass, and glass to add that decorative flair. What do you envision when you open the doors into your home and into your favorite spaces?

4. Need a Trim?

If you think of trim as a (virtually always) standard in homes, remember that millwork brings it up a notch. Or two. Whatever your aesthetic – traditional, modern, or eclectic – you can find or create options that pull your design together beautifully and with impact. Trim can be as simple or ornate as you like, from decadent crown molding to a straightforward baseboard with shoe molding and base cap. You can also paint trim to match your walls and built-ins or opt for a splash of complementary or contrasting color, or perhaps, a different shade of your main color for a little more visual interest. The possibilities!

5. Style That Is Built In

Built-in shelves and bookcases are customized to your space, and they can be customized to your personality as well. As with your walls and trim, you can add a little (or a lot) of visual flair. Sometimes, panels on your larger surfaces or beaded accent molding on a recessed area of a shelf can transform the entire effect.

Prepare to Be Wowed

Millwork isn’t an afterthought but rather the perfect finishing touch for your dream home. Our extensive project gallery is a great place to look for inspiration as you consider millwork and other design elements for your home. We would also love to hear your ideas and talk about your unique project. Ready to achieve the “wow factor” you’ve always dreamed of? Connect with the G&G team today.