Expect different. Expect personal. Expect transparency and respect. Expect questions – lots of them. Expect step-by-step guidance, timely information, and ongoing support – lots of it. Expect results.

Expect… Better. The G&G Custom Homes’ Process is built on a foundation as strong and durable as any of our houses. What else can you expect when working with owner Joe Garcia and the team, and what will ensure a smooth, seamless process from start to finish?

It Starts with You

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end (or, ideally, a happily ever after!). When it comes to your custom home journey, the protagonist of this particular tale is you. It’s only fitting, then, that we start with a conversation to enable – and empower – us to learn about your household, your needs, your wants, your plans, your goals, and your dreams. Owner Joe Garcia emphasizes, “We believe a house should reflect the people and the families who call it home.”

To this end, Joe promises a departure from the stresses of the typical custom home building experience, saying, “We will develop a close working relationship with you and guide you through the entire process, one step at a time. At G&G you will receive personalized service by working directly with me… This is virtually unheard of in the custom home building industry.”

The process begins very simply. “I start by asking people what they’re looking for.” And then Joe and the team develop a plan, strategy, and roadmap to make it happen.

Great Expectations


After learning about the people and personalities who will soon be inhabiting their dream home, Joe and the G&G team get to work planning and pricing “so there are no surprises.” As we all know at this point, the residential construction industry is nothing if not… Interesting. We did encounter many surprises during the pandemic and its aftermath. But we also learned how to more effectively navigate issues from scheduling to sourcing to supply chains. “We offer the education and resources you need to make informed decisions.” From start to finish.

Every step is highly intentional. In fact, when founding G&G Custom Homes, Joe asked his friends and associates for their scariest, most horrifying – and most real! – building horror stories. In an effort to “reverse engineer” a better (and stress-less) process, Joe sought to avoid making the missteps that often lead to these true-life tales of custom home terror. These often come down to overpromising when it comes to schedules and underestimating it in terms of budget. This is why the team sets clear expectations upfront.

We operate with complete transparency. If, for example, there is a logjam in the supply chain and your HVAC system will be delayed, we will communicate that. Better yet, we can work to find alternative solutions that are just as advantageous for you. Whether it’s ordering early, working around a lengthier wait time, or coming up with a Plan B (or C or D), you will be informed, and empowered, at all times.

BuilderTrend is an essential tool of our trade in this respect. Homeowners will be able to track their project in real-time, access schedules and important documents, organize and optimize spending, and more. Surprises are great for birthdays and holidays – not when it comes to your custom build.

“No” Isn’t a Dirty Word

Sometimes we have to say, “No.” You want X, Y, and Z features? Great. You want that bowling alley and indoor pool within 6 months? No. One of Joe’s diehard promises is to never tell the client “what they want to hear,” but always “what they need to hear.” The extensive consultation process, the probing questions, the information and guidance… This is all designed to ensure that expectations are realistic – and that results are exceptional.

With proactive thinking and planning, we can build your dream house. It may mean strategizing a landscape that will later accommodate a pool as your schedule and budget allow. It may mean planning projects in phases so the infrastructure is in place for a future addition/alteration. Whatever it means, we will make sure it is all crystal clear and manageable for you.

Expect… Your Dream Come True

With G&G, you can expect an experience that is innovative and unusual in the custom home building industry. You can also expect that your dream home will become a stunning reality. Joe says, “I build every house like I’m building it for my family.” You are family; with our one-on-one consultative approach, your goals are within reach. Connect with us to start the conversation.