Home is where the heart(h) is. There is nothing cozier when the weather outside is frightful than lingering in front of the fireplace. This feature also serves another purpose – though warmth and comfort are more than enough! It can add to and elevate your aesthetic. With various fireplace styles from which to choose, you can find a solution that is as beautiful as it is practical.

6 Fireplace Styles to Warm Up Your Life

These fireplace styles highlight the versatility and elegance possible with today’s products.

1. Rustic Appeal

Think woodsy cabins, exposed timber beams, stone accents, organic throws, and vintage lanterns. The appeal of a rustic fireplace brings the secluded cabin to you – even if you live in a bustling community. Hewn from wood and/or stone, these exude timeless and effortless style. Go ultra-rustic with fieldstone, bluestone, or riverstone, or add a refined touch with a simple, smooth limestone surround.

2. Classic Traditional

If you hear fireplace and think “brick,” there’s a good reason! It’s a traditional choice, and when well-constructed and maintained it can last a century or more. While often seen in farmhouse-style or traditional homes, today’s options include a wide array of brick fireplaces that will fit right into any style, from modern and contemporary to craftsman and prairie.

Ok… But aren’t brick fireplaces the honey oak cabinets of the heating world? Sure, they live forever but do they look dated and “old.” Not to worry: brick is back, and better than ever. Is exposed brick the right choice, or would you prefer a white- or black-painted surface? Do you want to pair it with sleek wood? How about a modern edge with a floating mantle or going green with reclaimed brick? The choices are as varied as they are stunning.

3. Sleek Modern/Linear

While the fireplace has been around since there have been homes (and before!), you can opt for a more contemporary style. If that meets your aesthetic, you’re in luck. There are plenty of products to wow. Modern and linear fireplaces are typically long and thin, fitting flush with a wall or in a surround. They are becoming more and more popular thanks to this streamlined vibe – not to mention their efficient heating power. Both gas and electric models are available, saving you the hassle and mess of wood but delivering all the cozy warmth.

4. Two-Sided

A two-sided fireplace allows you to enjoy the ambience of a crackling fire (no matter how it’s fueled) from two separate spaces. This can help with heat distribution, and it certainly takes your design to the next level. Two-sided products work beautifully with the sleek linear fireplace surrounds we mentioned, but there is no reason you can’t take the same approach with a more rustic or traditional surround. While a great way to connect spaces and achieve your aesthetic goals, just be aware that you may require additional wall supports. Your builder can address this with you as you navigate your custom build.

5. Two-Story

If you have soaring ceilings, your fireplace can reach great heights! A two-story fireplace makes a dramatic statement in these spaces, and is especially well-suited to open plans as it creates a focal point that ties everything together in an exceptional way. This style is great with contemporary designs, as well as more traditional homes.

6. Maximize with Built-In Shelving

A terrific way to maximize your space and add visual flair to your home, built-in shelving allows endless opportunities to customize your decor. Create a literary feast for the eyes by showing off your favorite books, use the space for artwork, small sculptures, vases, seasonal displays, etc., and select shelving that complements your design. From sleek, floating shelves to open shelves to shelf/cabinet models, you will be amazed at what a difference this makes.

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