Explore home before you come home.

Home-a-Rama has a rich history of empowering hopeful homeowners to discover the very best in design, construction, furnishings, landscaping, technology, and energy-saving features. It is the country’s oldest luxury home showcase, offering a glimpse (nay, an in-depth investigation!) into the innovative and inspiring work of the nation’s top industry professionals.

G&G Custom Homes is proud to be a part of the legacy of craftsmanship, quality, and artistry – and we are particularly excited about the 2024 showcase, coming to the Promontory community of Zionsville. Take a peek inside Home-a-Rama… and our custom built show-stopper nestled against an oasis of trees and water.

What is Home-a-Rama?

If you build it, they will come.

This is what Home-a-Rama is. Premier area builders create a “dream” street or community, highlighting the latest advances and technology  in the industry, as well as tried-and-true techniques that result in construction and design that stands the test of time. It’s inspirational; it’s aspirational… And it could be your life.

The first Home-a-Rama took place in Cincinnati’s Finneytown community in 1962. Visitors paid 50 cents to tour stunning homes ranging in price from $17,500 to $31,500. Times have a’ changed! What has remained the same, however, is that folks (from all over the country, in markets from Cincinnati and Louisville to Richmond and right here in Indianapolis) can see the latest and greatest in home design and building – and take these ideas to create or remodel their own dream space.

Another change is in the scope of Home-a-Rama homes. They feature the best work from not only builders, interior designers, and landscape artists, but also the most advanced offerings from AV suppliers, smart technology specialists, organizational mavens, outdoor living geniuses, and other professionals who work in concert to make home home.

This is certainly on full display with G&G’s 2024 Home-a-Rama build in the idyllic Promontory neighborhood.

Breaking Ground at Promontory

From the beginning, Promontory was different. The site of the 2024 Home-a-Rama is… well, there’s no other word for it… Expansive. Overall, the development boasts 220-acres of open land. As Ben Engle, Sales and Real Estate Development at Henke Development, explains, the estate is “really well located.” The property is, currently, a little on the outskirts but in the near future it will be conveniently located to all the amenities a homeowner could want – before they escape back to their refuge of calm and quiet!

Included in the 220-acre development is a select few 80 homes, a gorgeous 35-acre lake, and our 2.07-acre lot (B-16) G&G owner Joe Garcia says, “A lot of people want bigger lots, and in a typical neighborhood, you’re scrunched in there with smaller lots. These being 2+-acre lots gives people more room. Not to mention these homesites offer gorgeous panoramic lake views.”

G&G broke ground on the Promontory site in March, 2023 and building is well-underway. The custom home will feature the quality and craftsmanship that discerning homeowners demand, as well as lakefront access, sweeping views, abundant windows and glass walls, luxurious outdoor living spaces, rooftop lounge, and swimming pool. (For more details on the B-16 home and community features, check here!)

As Joe says, “This is going to be one heck of a show come 2024!”

What’s Next?

Next is a “heck of a show”! Get ready. We are. G&G is working with top industry and trade professionals, including Hilary Goris, designer extraordinaire, to complete work and turn B-16 from a gorgeous lot into a stunning home.

Plan on visiting Promontory and touring the seven unbelievable houses that are part of Home-a-Rama. Or get a headstart on your own custom home by connecting with G&G. Let’s break ground on your dream.