Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night can stop us from basking in fresh air, beautiful views, and exceptional outdoor living! Covered porches help us blur – and effectively erase – the lines between indoor and out, empowering homeowners to maximize their space, enhance their style, and create a stunning sanctuary to which they can escape any time. 

Covered porches are all but a must-have feature in custom homes. How do you make yours stand out? 

 5 Tips for Outstanding Covered Porches 

When it comes to covered porches, Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes, says, “It’s all about expanding your space from the inside out, as well as incorporating amenities that enable homeowners to utilize the porch during all four seasons.” Think about features that allow you to meet these key goals:

1. Lounge with Fireplace and Bar. This is a porch that you can really fall in love with – and winter too, while you’re at it! A cozy lounge and bar area is made warm, cozy, and ultra-inviting with a fireplace or other safe heating apparatus (e.g., infrared heaters and heating panels, gas-powered heaters, etc.). Garcia says, “It’s great when it starts getting cooler to go outside, turn on the football game, get the fireplace going, and relax. It’s nicer than being inside!”  

Think of possibilities: holiday gatherings where your guests can spread out, star gazing and cocoa on chilly nights, cocktails and charcuterie accompanied by a refreshing breeze… Sounds like perfection, doesn’t it? It sounds like home 

2. Full Outdoor Kitchen. Firing up the grill is great – but so is having all of your essentials close at hand. Literally, everything and the kitchen sink, is located on your covered porch. You can create, serve, and enjoy simple midday meals or elaborate feasts with equal ease. This saves you from making endless trips to and fro, fetching ketchup, cutlery, or another bottle of wine.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Bar. Make the transition between inside and out as seamless as possible with garagestyle doors. On the interior, you have your complete bar setup, including prep and cooking stations, fridge, beverage coolers, dishwasher, storage space, utensils, and glassware. Fun garage style doors simply slide up to connect the space to the great outdoors while adding intense visual interest. On the exterior side, you can have ample seating at the bar. This can also segue into a bigger dining table/lounge area.

4. Living Plant Wall. Think vertically. Expanding your space depends on using it in innovative – and beautiful – ways. A living plant wall not only adds a breath of fresh air, so to speak, to your porch, it can be used as an aesthetic and practical focal point. You can go simple: some containers securely affixed to a wall. But why not go big and go green? Use the wall to raise herbs and spices, leafy greens, flowering philodendron, ferns, etc. Add in cascading, climbing, and spreading varieties, and you have an exquisite living mural that can feed your soul – and your body!


5. Unique Spaces. What’s your vision of a perfect covered porch? Don’t let preconceptions limit you. Why not consider: 

  • A Multi-Level Covered Porch. For those with large lots, the trend is towards multi-level decks. Often, each level has a “purpose.” For example, a covered porch with outdoor kitchen is located off your main living space to allow for cooking/grilling and dining. A few (or more!) steps down, there may be a cozy entertaining area (think outdoor living room). Below that, you might have a fire pit, hot tub, or even pool. There are endless possibilities. (Need inspiration for your multi-level covered porch?)
  • Rooftop Porch. A rooftop porch will make you the envy of the neighborhood. This is a terrific way to utilize your space, maximize your views, and set yourself up for success with rooftop gardening, entertaining, or simply lounging and listening to music. (And, of course, you can connect the rooftop porch with another porch below!) 
  • Multiple Spaces. You may have a “communal” porch designed for gathering and entertaining. Why not also enjoy your own private space? A covered porch outside your owner’s suite, for example, offers a peaceful refuge and quiet retreat.  

G&G Has You Covered 

A covered porch adds value to your home, but more importantly it enhances and elevates your experience. Have ideas? Need help putting your vision into a viable plan? Connect with G&G Custom Homes; we are here to ensure the process is just as positive as the results.