Building your custom home is always an exciting time. It’s easy to get Build a ThermoShield custom home to improve your home's energy efficiency.wrapped up in the excitement of breaking ground, talking about floor plans, and picking out all of your custom home features. However, you also have to consider the home once it’s built. Your budget can’t just be focused on building the home. You also have to consider the costs associated with the home after construction. Your utility bills in a custom home should be managed through energy efficient appliances, upgraded systems, and advanced window technologies. At G&G Custom Homes, we build our homes to meet ThermoShield custom home standards to increase your custom home’s energy efficiency.

Building a Home At Least 15% More Energy Efficient

When you build a ThermoShield custom home, it’s not just about meeting an energy rating or standard. It’s about improving the quality of the home. By building a ThermoShield Custom Home, you not only save money on your utilities and invest in your home’s systems, you create a cleaner environment. A ThermoShield custom home leads to better resource management, reduced energy consumption, and can even use alternative resources.

Increase Home System Efficiency and Performance

It isn’t just about saving the environment, it’s about increasing your return on the upgrades. Through high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, you can increase the overall performance of your home. Include upgrades like smart control technologies, and you’ll increase the efficiencies even more.

Utilize High-Quality Appliances to Increase Longevity

You don’t want appliances that don’t match the decor and aesthetic of your home. You want appliances that fit your home while also increasing the overall performance of your home. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances can not only increase the performance of your home, they are proven to have a longer life than other appliances and also look fantastic. The appliances have come a long way in aesthetics and can complement and enhance your home at the same time.

Building Your ThermoShield Custom Home

While many home builders charge a premium for these custom home upgrades, at G&G Custom Homes, these upgrades are part of our process. We’re focused on delivering you the home of your dreams that’s built to last for years and provide you with a home that meets the highest of efficiency standards. We even use a third-party service to verify our work and ensure your home meets these high standards.

Are you ready to go green? We’re here to help! Contact us today to get started.